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checklist for new releases/#913

Apr 19, 2006 / pixtur
Apr 22, 2012 / pixtur

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Checklist for turning the source-code into a new releaseπ

Check for changesπ

  • commit all changes to repository and bring ".history.txt" up to date
  • add the svn revision to conf

cleanup source-code:π

  • search in all files for "%%" (debugoutput markers)
  • run the unit-tests "/tests/testsuite_pages.php"
  • make sure "conf/" defines the new version

export the current database-setup:π

  • in mysqladmin go to Export
  • select all tables
  • uncheck "Add AUTO_INCREMENT value"
  • uncheck "Data"
  • export as Plaintext to "install/create_structure_v#.##.sql"
  • make sure all db-updates are listed in "install/"

update languagesπ

cd lang
  • add new translations to lang/
  • test all languages (especially watch out for header already send warnings)

clean file structureπ

  • remove all cvs-files and .svn-directories
  • remove directories
    • _docs/
    • tests/
  • empty directories _files, _tmp and _settings
  • clear root-directory from all files but...
index.php,, .history.txt, favicon.ico
  • comment all lines in

Do test installations!π

  • test for successful installation on localhost with xampp, mysql5 (both mysql and mysqli)
  • test for successful remote installation
  • test for successful upgrade from last version
  • test for successful upgrade from last stable version


madlyr:change in update languages procedure?

12 years ago

  • inform other language translators, that there is release time and give them some time (e/g/ one, two days) to respond and add new tranlations to repository

pixtur:Reply to change in update languages procedure?

12 years ago

Very good point!

Maybe there is a normal procedure for those release-cycles (like beta2 some weeks before final release). I am not really into the software business to say anything reasonable on this topic.

Does anyone has an idea?