Thoughts on change history and reverting changes/#7618

Jan 23, 2009 / pixtur
Apr 22, 2012 / pixtur

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There should be two ways of reverting changes:

1. invisible to revert damageπ

  • available only for pm
  • should completely restore changes
  • revert modified_by, modified_date etc.
  • revert-changes are not logged
  • reverted changes are removed from change-log. This makes the function extremely dangerous!

2. Visible for collaborationπ

  • After reverting to a version changelist should say something like: "reverted to version 2 by admin"
  • this reversion created a new version
  • item dates and modified_by are updated
  • this revert can be reverted again
  • deleted and deleted_by are restored, if necessary
    • mental note: is this necessary? Sounds like the changelist should only mark deleted items as deleted


madlyr:Definitivly version 2

10 years ago

I opt for version 2 - if you plan i.e. ISO system based on Streber - it's necessary. All is visible and known to all.
If somebody wants to hide or try to hide something, giving him/her such a simple way is a one way ticket ;-) Of course to the hell ;-).

Deleted should be restorable too.

pixtur:we need both:

10 years ago

I think we need both, as the destruction done by our friend from Brazil made obvious. If somebody deletes "ALL" items, the complete history concept gets spammed with useless changes.

madlyr:It make sense but version 1 for administrators and versuin 1 for...

10 years ago

It make sense but version 1 should be for administrators only.

Which minimal rights should be applied to version 1 to revert changes?
  1. All?
  2. Registered?
  3. PM?


10 years ago

administrators only

madlyr:Next question - version 2

10 years ago

Which minimal rights should be applied to version 2 to revert changes?
  1. All?
  2. Registered?
  3. PM?
Version 1 was natural for admins only.
I wanted to ask for version 2, my mistake and asked for version 1 :-)


9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

I should think that all registered users would be able to make version 2 type changes. Forcing registration means that at least you can track email accounts and IP addresses if you need to.