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Jan 11, 2009 / pixtur
Jan 18, 2009 / pixtur

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I spent some time to think about Streber's default style and decided to invest some time into polishing the interface for v0.1.

Major changesπ

  1. Blocks can no longer be collapsed/expanded. Watching users convinced me, that this features causes more problems, then it contributes.
  2. "Comment/Update" will become two separated blocks, whereas the "Update"-block becomes ajax-driven.
  3. The rest of the design is driven by the desire to get rid of background-images and gradients. This will tremendeously improve the rendering-speed on mobile devices like the iPhone.

Project overviewπ

Rethinking layout.


luchyx:I like

10 years ago

the delimited areas of information, such
BUG, STATUS and Attachments.

I suggest icons for Edit, Move, Delete, Observe links so you have only 2 levels of tabs.
maybe famfam icons.



10 years ago

I personally don't like icons. I believe that in most professional environments they do more harm than benefit. But this is just personal taste...


10 years ago (4. update 10 years ago)

This is what i mean with icons for the common tasks.


guest:Icons and fly-by help

10 years ago -

As long as each icon has its fly-by help (tooltip, title) they are acceptable. But actually I must agree with Pixtur that in this particular case text is preferrable over icons. Easier to read and find what you want. But as mentioned already - a matter of taste.

deleteme1337:Looking good

10 years ago

Please no icons in Streber.


10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

The mockup of the project overview looks very nice and clean. And I like, that there is a section for items with required feedback.

guest:Demos added to our website

10 years ago -

FYI demos of streber have been added to The demos are available in 5 different languages so far (english, french, spanish, german and portuguese).

Help spread the word -)

Streber demos

damian2:no icons please

10 years ago

pixtur, when will be this style implemented? i can wait :-)

pixtur:new style...

10 years ago

Right now I am really under presure with two other projects. Maybe I find some time at the start of March.


9 years ago -

This looks awesome. I am looking forward to this new release!