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Dec 18, 2008 / pixtur
Apr 22, 2012 / pixtur

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Problem / Requestsπ

There seem to be a very high demand on fine-tuning the Notification features of Streber. Problems are:
  1. Notifications are not sent quickly enough and thus slow down the project collaboration speed.
  2. Too many notification are sent, because they are not specific enough.
  3. Notification mails lack detail or crucial information.


pixtur's opinionπ

I deeply believe the immediate notification mails are overestimated, because:
  1. They steal time: Getting interrupted by emails is a time-killer. Every boss demand on instant email feedback of there employess must have lost all his senses. I would demand downloading and answering emails once in the morning, evening and if there really is time.
  2. Nobody reads them anyways: To believe that just because the boss has nothing to do but bragging about his ability to immediately reply on emails, everybody else does read them, is naive. The number of mails should be reduced and limited to the taste of the reader.
  3. There are much more efficient ways to get informed like RSS.
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Clarify bookmark featureπ

To reduce the number of emails, the bookmark-notification feature could be used: If you define a bookmark for a task, you can request to be notified immediately on changes to this item. Problems:
  1. This feature seems to be too hidden. Maybe the labeling is a problem as well. Renaming it to something like "Observe item" could help.
  2. It might be useful to create notification-bookmarks for other people.

Clarify and improve Request feedback-featureπ

One of the coolest new features is "Request feedback". In the comment area of each task or topic you can request feedback of any team member. He will be bugged about this request until he adds a comment or edits the wiki-text of the object. We could improve this feature by:
  1. Highlighting "request"-items even clearer
  2. Add an additional feedback-requests lists to peoples home and notification mails.
  3. Immediately sending a email when feedback is requested.



10 years ago

All members of me team switch the notification settings to "Never", since we use streber every day and, we never read the notification email, we just go into streber!.
Me BOOS is the only who has daily-notifications.

It will be great addition send an email when feedback is requested.


10 years ago

Feedback notification mails seem to be a good idea. I think this should be very easy to be implemented. Of course the details are a little bit tricky: Shall people have the choice to disable request notification mails?


10 years ago

People may want to turn on|off email notifications of feedback request.


10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

i suggest people must deside how often their work needs to be emailed by every notification. Or this should be just : "new notification arrived".

There are some support-type stuff based on feedbacks. That needs ASAP.

They steal time: Getting interrupted by emails is a time-killer.

from pixtur

or: demand notification will update directly in "@ home" page via ajax? like a messenger popups?

ps/ sorry for poor english

carte:notification mails vs rss

10 years ago

I think everybody can follow und understand pixturs point.
So what about leaving the notification mails as they are and just add a rss feed for "your tasks"?!