SMTP Patch for v0.08/#5321

May 28, 2007 / xl
Jan 13, 2009 / guest

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43334 bytes / ID 5322 / May 28, 2007
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97443 bytes / ID 5720 / Jul 8, 2007
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  • Unpack smtp4streber in your streber folder
  • edit your, see
  • have fun

(someone delete this when smtp4streber goes into released version)


pixtur:oh... I will have a look at this...

11 years ago

Thanks for contribution.

axelle:it doesn't work for me

11 years ago


i followed all your instructions but the smtp patch still doesn't work for me. i can only send notifications inside my local network (i mean same smtp).

most of all, i obtain longer error logs because the mail to be sent is written as errors in "errors.log.php".

did you face this problem?

thanks by advance


11 years ago

you might pm me an error log!


11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

all the better!
have fun!

idolpx:PHPMailer class version

11 years ago

I attached my smtp patch that uses the PHPMailer class.
I wrote it before I discovered your patch.
Installation is pretty much the same.