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More about Tasks in Streber

Most information in Streber is stored inside Tasks. To do this, task can be displayed in a different manner:
  1. As normal Task
  2. As Bug with additional Issue Report details
  3. As Documentation (a wiki page)
  4. As Folder for other Tasks
  5. As Milestone
  6. As Version (Released Milestone)
You can switch the display of a Task without losing data when editing it. This concept has the benefit, that you can deal with pieces information without the need to determine on a certain type. A Bug might become a Task. If this task gets too complex, I might be splitted into Folder with several sub tasks. And finally. If the task has been completed, you might refined the task's description and keep it as a Documentation page.

Milestones vs. Versionsπ

Milestones are very useful to group tasks in time. Often very important Milestones are identical with a Version of a project that is been released or sent to the client. Turning this Milestone into a Version helps with keeping track of changes and reporting bugs.

If you turn a Milestone into a Version, all completed tasks which were "resolved in next version" will be linked to this Version.


guest:What is a Version

11 years ago -

THis is a goot text to understand that everything seems to be derived from "task"! I understood that
  • a folder is a special task (that can contain other tasks)
  • a milestone is a special folder (that is displayed in the milestone tab - is there more to milestones???)
  • a version is a special milestone (this i dont understand...)
best äxl