Jan 5, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2007 / pixtur

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Page listing Persons and Users

  1. The Active Page With Account filters people that can login
  2. Only in Admin view you can see people not related to current user
  3. Current Section People
  4. Deleting People in Streber will not remove them from the database but move them to this Page.
  5. To quickly find person: ALT+S , type the name followed by "!"
  6. Brings you to this page
  7. If you are allowed to, creates new person.
  8. "Admin" made 3 changes since your last logout.
  9. After selecting a row, the Context menu provides the same functions as the Icons and Menus in the List footer.
  10. Export complete list as CSV. This export list contains more data, then displayed in the list.
  11. Create new Person
  12. Delete selected Persons
  13. Edit selected Person (you can only edit one person at a time)
  14. Use the checkbox to select several rows.
  15. Select all rows.

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guest:Is it possible to get user names and passwords from ladp server or another database?

11 years ago -

Because we run other applications with user management and we do not want to readd every user again and again in every application adn this is not fesible anyways

pixtur:Antwort auf Is it possible to get user names and passwords from ladp server or another database?

11 years ago

I do not have a clue about LADP. But it would require to...
  1. add all persons to the streber database (probably via a server app)
  2. verify login / password over the ladp.

oyvind.kinsey:It is LDAP the question is about

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

It should be no problem implementing ldap.
I see to modes being usefull.
  1. Admin creates users and checks off to use LDAP instead of giving a password. When a user with the given username tries to login it is authenticated through ldap instead of against the db.
  2. Admin sets streber to work in ldap mode. Streber updates its person list against the Directory and the admin can assign accounts to projects.
The users are authenticated through ldap.

pixtur:verifying version editing of persons...

11 years ago

Verifying a login / account of an existing person by an ladp seems not too difficult, but Syncing the person table with an LADP server seems out of reach (at least for me).