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Details on Person object in streber

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If for some reason something goes wrong and your user rights aren't functioning properly, and you also have access to the SQL database, this will allow you to manually set user rights. Be careful, as it is not yet known what a strange value will do to Streber.

User rights are stored as an integer, each bit indicating a particular right (1 for on, 0 for off). The rights are defined in You can edit them in the person table. To convert between SQL numbers and binary, simply find a good computerized calculator (speedcrunch on Linux or Calc on Windows) that can convert between binary and decimal. Simply construct a binary number by setting the bits you want, convert to decimal, insert into SQL, and presto! you should be done.

You can do this to recover a lost admin account, or if for some reason it does not seem to be effecting user rights changes via the web interface you can use this to try and override it.

If you're not sure, BACK UP YOUR SQL DATABASE BEFORE DOING THIS. If you don't have a working backup, that'd suck.

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