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Further help on installing streber

More on requirementsπ

  • the user you have used to access the MySQL database have set host to localhost, not only to % (read more at http://www.streber-pm.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=158)
  • from version .048 you can use mysql or mysqli extension to connect to all Mysql versions (require extension correctly running on your server)

Known issuesπ

  • When upgrading to v0.0800 from previous versions, the user may be prompted with an error that says "could not get propper db-version table entry. Please view Installation Guide on hints how to proceed." A potential fix is available.

also read:


guest:Not worth it

10 years ago -

Query error: INSERT into streb_db (id,version,version_streber_required,created) VALUES(1,'0.0803','0.0803',NOW() )

Clean install using latest version of XAMPP and this thing kept giving a SQL error. I've installed CMS's and other help desk tools without error - the install for this thing is too much.

I'll check back in a couple months to see if the kinks have been worked out.


10 years ago

Please file a bug report otherwise there is nothing we can do about your issue. Be sure to include information such what OS you are using, what database you are using (including version), and the full SQL error.

guest:Same installation problem to me ...

10 years ago -

Query error: INSERT into streber_db (id,version,version_streber_required,created) VALUES(1,'0.0803','0.0803',NOW() )

Installation failed

This is with me when local installing on Windows XP SP2 and Mysql 5.0, PHP Version 5.1.4

Obviously the installation process is a little bit confused by itself - it starts that the database tables will ever be created without prefix: but changing the table manually doesn't help ... :-(

Happy projects : Michael

dekamerone:Solution: do not use Database table prefixes for new installations

10 years ago

It' just the bug mentioned at another location, that it's not possible to use Database table prefixes when doing a new install. This is true with current download release of StreberPM.

Happy projects : Michael

zlion:Solution: use Database table prefixes for new installations

10 years ago

  • Edit create_structure_v0.0803.sql
  • Upload it and replace
  • Install again

Here is how to edit the structure sql file:

Obviously, prefix_ need to be the same as you specified in the installation form.

Wondering why don't you let the Sql class to support table prefix like #__

guest:Install failed

10 years ago -

Getting same error - Anyone know the answer?

guest:installation fails with same error

10 years ago -

The installation process contradicts itself in the failure. First I enter all the required info (host, user, password, etc.) then it says the install fails because the database already exists. This is a fresh install into an existing database. I tried (as was suggested) the install without table prefixes and got the same result. Here's the messages:

checking mysql connecting to 'localhost'...
Connection using mysql_connect SUCCESSFUL

Make sure to not overwrite existing streber-db called 'wwwsimc_crm'
DB 'wwwsimc_crm' already exists

checking version of existing database
Streber has detected a problem with db-version but is attempting to work around it.

Streber is unable to detect your current installed version.
You can work around this by manually adding this information to the db table in your Streber database.

Installation failed
You may find help at the wiki-installation guide

Note the one that says it can't find the current installed version, Once again, this is a fresh install. Help?

pixtur:Thanks for your feedback...

10 years ago

Let's continue this discussion in a new bug report: installation upgrade problem with missing version

guest:known error but no solution

9 years ago -

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/maximma/public_html/intern/index.php on line 112

what can I do ?

guest:known error with solution

9 years ago -

@guest aug 6

check if you are running PHP5! I got the same error using PHP4