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Jan 4, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 25, 2010 / julio.coelho

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Basic text formatingπ

from Example wiki syntax

''emphasize''         <- two quotes
`monospace / code`    <- back quotes
*bold text*
monospace / code
bold text


There are two levels of headings:

from Example wiki syntax

== Top Level ==

=== Second Level ===


Top Level
=========      <-  3 or more '=' characters

Second Level
------------   <- 3 or more '-' charaters

Top Level π

Second Level π

Second Level

from Example wiki syntax

# First point
# Second point
  1. First point
  2. Second point

from Example wiki syntax

- starting line
- another line
  - sub point
  • starting line
  • another line
    • sub point

from Example wiki syntax

1. First line
2. Second line
  - Sub
some line inbetween

5. Fith line
  1. First line
  2. Second line
    • Sub
  1. Fith line

Links to wiki pages and itemsπ

  • You can link to other items either by their id, or by a their name in double square brackets.
  • You may provide an alternative link title after a pipe symbols (|).
  • Following links to undefined wiki pages will provide a form to create them.
  • To avoid broken links when renaming wiki pages, the item id will automatically be inserted.

from Example wiki syntax

#3651 (link to item with id 3651)
[[#3651|Alternative title]]
[[link to new wiki page]]
[[pixtur]] (is a lazy person)
Wiki Syntax (link to item with id 3651)
Alternative title
link to new wiki page
pixtur (is a lazy person)

External linksπ

from Example wiki syntax


You embed images by their item id.


from Example wiki syntax


Advanced syntaxπ


Whereas ?options? could be a comma separated combination of the following:
  • left - float left
  • right - float right
  • framed - display with description as subtitle. Use image-description, if no description is given within link
  • maxsize=234 - will use gd2 to scale this down to 234 pixels if its width or height exceed this size.



  • The first line is always treated as table header.
  • There must not be any characters before or after the pipes.
  • Links and other formatting can be used inside cells.

from Example wiki syntax

|Header |Header |
|Cell |Cell |

Header Header
Cell Cell


  • Use the from and url arguments to enhance your quote.

from Example wiki syntax

[quote from="Mark Twain in Eruption (1940)" url=""]
He is *a stranger* to me, but he is a most remarkable man — and I am the other one.
Between us, we cover all knowledge; he knows all that can be known, and I know the rest. 

He is a stranger to me, but he is a most remarkable man — and I am the other one. Between us, we cover all knowledge; he knows all that can be known, and I know the rest.

from Mark Twain in Eruption (1940)

Code Blocksπ

  • All utf8 chars (including all sorts of quotes or html-chars) are allowed.
  • Use the optinional from-attribute and language attributes the clarify the meaning and syntax highlighting.
  • Please ignore the blanks before code and /code in the following example:

from Example wiki syntax

[ code from="index.php" language="php"]
 print "Hello world";
[ /code]

from index.php

 print "Hello world";


We use online rendering provided by codecogs

from Example wiki syntax

The formula [latex]K=\frac{1}{2}mV^{2}[/latex] is easy. 
The formula is easy.

from Example wiki syntax

\( \int\limits_a^b {\frac{d}{dx}F(x)dx} = F(b)-F(a) \)

Horizontal Lineπ

  • Three or more underscore characters (_) will create a horizontal line

from Example wiki syntax



guest:what about strike through?

12 years ago -

is there a possibility to get strike throuhg (e.g. < u>test< /u>

pixtur:Reply to what about strike through?

12 years ago

already requested in: I just implemented this in rev249

nraspail:Reply to Reply to what about strike through?

11 years ago


if I use bla bla /etc/syconfig/blabla, it doesn't work. Is it possible to change this behaviour ?


binder:linking of "wiki-syntax"

12 years ago

problem "WikiSyntax!" does not lead to the correct item! ;)
please add 3651, as this is the correct item-id.

pixtur:Reply to linking of "wiki-syntax"

12 years ago

very good hint :) This was a typo in the rating of search results. It cause the shortname to be ignored... But adding the item id is a much better solution, though.


12 years ago -

streber is such a great application, I love the flow, organization and functionality. I work at a very large telecom company - wish they had something this nice.

Anyway, I'm new to the whole Wiki thing. Maybe this is blasphemy - but what about adding a WYSIWYG editor like FCKeditor to task creation, comments etc.?

Or is Wiki that much more efficient? (For instance I know coders love VI but being a mere mortal I always have to have my icons and menus)

Thanks for the great tool!

pixtur:Reply to FCKeditor?

12 years ago

Thanks for you feedback!

I love FCKeditor and spent some time thinking about the pros and cons for a WYSIWYG editor. But at this end my person opinion boils down like this:

In many many cases Formatting is bad. Although there are some areas where complex formating like tables is mandatory in most cases caring about the format will get you distracted from what you want to write.

Nevertheless I would love to have an editor like FKCE boiled down to allowed wiki syntax, which is converted back to normal wiki text, because:
  1. wikitexts can nicely be stored and compared (important for comparing versions)
  2. wikitexts can easily be formated / style differently.
  3. you can very easily sent wiki text with email (without requiring Word or PDF)
So I guess until this editor is available, we are struck with the current state of affairs...

guest:Quick icons then?

12 years ago -

Why not just create a simple icon bar at the top which just inserts the required start and stop characters for the wiki format items?

This way users who refuse to learn the syntax or use it infrequently can still utilize the text entry with its full potential.

Also, it might be cool to have a preview button for these people also while they are learning. This could be a simple compromise before an editor shows up with wiki-ascii formatting.

guest:maxsize seems not to work

12 years ago -

In at least 0.078...


12 years ago -

One line quotes can't be read due to the scrollbars. Any way the box can be made bigger?

pixtur:Antwort auf Quotes

12 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

I created a ticket: One line quotes can not be read due to the scrollbars. Please provide additional information there.

guest:Preview button

12 years ago -

It would be very nice to have a "Preview" button beside the "Submit" button to show me what I'm about to submit, without having to submit it, edit it, submit it, edit it, etc.

guest:Link to sub page

12 years ago -

Is there a way to address a sub page in a link.

For example:

To have a link to the Documetnation sub page of a project I provide the full URL:


But would be more wiki like to provide it like this:

taskEdit>checkbox add another task?projViewDocu

(or the like).

eh:Better formatting

12 years ago

Ooops, see rigth now that my text above isnt' very readable. so here it comes again:

For example:

To have a link to the Documetnation sub page of a project I provide the full URL:


But would be more wiki like to provide it like this:


(or the like).

Preview could really be something good.


12 years ago

Yeah. Preview would be really nice. Especially since it could be ajax driven... But this will come in a later version.

I don't really see, why you would want to address projViewDocu at all (the display of documentation topics as task was a bug which has been fixed).

Addressing chapters (e.g. Headlines) would be a cool think, but I have not really good idea, how to do this. I could insert some anchors at the headlines, but links to them would become invalid when changing the headline.

Addressing pages like (projView, taskView, taskViewEfforts, etc) would probably be a nice think, but I am affraid it's too seldom used to be implemented.

We urgently need a syntax to replace an URL with a readable title. Possibilities:
  1. mediaWiki Links enclosed with single square brackets. Optional title after space.
[ streber]
  1. simple syntax (works not inside tables)|streber
  1. complex syntax (fits best into current syntax)


12 years ago

We gather documentation for a project and organize it in folders. From time to time I want to give a hint in a task that there's documentation available and want provide the link to the doc overview (and not to a particular doc page), for example for the streber project it would be:

Actually I can live with the full URL, but it gets broken in case our streber installation gets moved to another server. And since there's no such thing like a "global replace" some manual work would be needed.

pixtur:very good argument...

12 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

We could add it like...
[[item:123|Optional name|function=taskViewEfforts] ]

eh:very good suggestion!

12 years ago

guest:How can I mark part of code?

11 years ago -

Hi, can you help me, how can I mark part of code, I mean color mark.
And not one or three words. I need mark big text part.
Can I do it?

pixtur:Antwort auf How can I mark part of code?

11 years ago

You can turn on "Starlight" but this will have some drawbacks.

guest:Quick link to uploaded file

11 years ago -

I got a file at index.php?go=fileDownload&file=98

using "# 98" does not work, any alternatives ?


11 years ago -

ignore Cannot link to item #5686 of type 7, I found the way

guest:Original text

11 years ago -

Hi, can I have the original text (wiki format) of this (Wiki Syntax) content? I'd like to install it locally. I could have just copy and paste whatever seen/rendered by browser that would be rather ugly. Thanks.

guest:how embed external images?

11 years ago -

I want to put external images but i can't.
This could be easy I think but I can't find the formater script wich php file do it?.

Suggested sintax coudl be:

damian2:external image

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

see in rendering external images
after applying the mods, the format for external images will be:

guest:What about relative links?

11 years ago -


Just discovering this fantastic tool. I have however a suggestion: why not support relative links? Today you can link to external pages using but it's not possible to create relative links to pages on the same server (something like ../../Doc/mypage.html). This would be very useful when you have several sites on the same server and the location of this server changes: you don't want to have to replace all absolute urls in the pages.

guest:Naming Links

11 years ago -

Here is how you can give your URL a specific name:

guest:How to link strange url?

11 years ago -

I must link this url:*&lol=1234
Linked [[|Linked]]

How I can do it?

guest:Syntax for external links - again

10 years ago -

What about opening all external links on new pages and internal links on the same?
From my point of view that makes perfect sense.

What do you guys think?


pixtur:Done in v0.0808

10 years ago

dekamerone:Wiki Syntax compatibility?

10 years ago

I'm just looking for a possibility to automatically convert OpenOffice Dokuments to the Wiki-Syntax of Streber.

Maybe there is a OpenOffice macro for other Wiki-Systems usable or could be taken as easy customizable template?

thx and happy projects : Michael

pixtur:Antwort auf Wiki Syntax compatibility?

10 years ago

Probably not.

webbplatsen:Reply to Syntax for external links

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)


http:// links should open a new window like target="blank".
If you use
it should be just like today.

guest:Reply to Syntax for external links HEY WEBPLATSEN !

10 years ago -

Thanks for your reply about external links.
But I do not know what you mean.
My external links do all start with HTTP:// and they all open in the currently open window/tab and not in a new window/tab.
I tested on Firefox and Safari (both MAC).

Furthermore I do not understand your "Unkwown item 12345".

Sorry, I seem to be too dumb for this...

Any help really appreciated.

pixtur:fixed this in next version. Thanks for your feedback

10 years ago

kjsphoto:Underline word?

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

How do you underline a word or a group of words?

pixtur:This is not possible

10 years ago

Maybe you could use latex for special formulas, though.


10 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

Figured it out. To underline text you do this;

guest:How do you arrange text

10 years ago -

is there a way to arrange texts?
Is there a way to user layers (like float left, float right etc)



10 years ago

Maybe we will add an [html]-tag somewhere in the future. But this would no longer be editable with the wiki-syntax.

guest:Linking to file descriptions

10 years ago -

Using file id Unkwown item 9999 used to link to the description (fileView action). Now it links to not the latest but the specified version of the file.
Is there a way to link to the latest version or to the description page?

pixtur:@guest: good question

10 years ago

guest:markup editor?

10 years ago -

I agree with you to not include a wysiwyg editor, but I add a markup editor like .
It's easy to configure and the code is clean :)

ifreeman:code language parameter

10 years ago

What's the point of specifying the language parameter for code blocks if nothing is displayed when you enter it?

guest:Line Break within a Table Cell?

9 years ago -

As soon as I try to use line breaks within a table cell, the table is now longer displayed correctly. Is it possible to use a line break within a table using a special code e.g. a double backslash or any other ?

clawfrown:Colorize part of text?

9 years ago

Is there a possibility to put in color specific text or paragraph?
Like in html: <span style="background:#cccccc;">hello world</span>

guest:Alternate text in table cells does not work

9 years ago -

2009-10-02Wiki Syntax
2009-10-08Wiki Syntaxalternate text

guest:maxsize for images inside a table cell does not work

9 years ago -


9 years ago - visible as suggested -

guest:cristian ngonda

8 years ago - visible as suggested -

Thanks a lot for enjoying this beautiful. I am appreciating your effort to write it! Looking forward to another great article. Good luck to the author! all the best!