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Dec 14, 2006 / pixtur
May 30, 2010 / juvel

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Try a recent version at:
  • Username is "user"
  • password is "user"
  • Username is "manager"
  • password is "manager"
  • Username is "client"
  • password is "client"
  • Click on text-links to follow
  • Use right mouse-button for context-menu in lists (but not on text)
  • Select / Unselect list-rows anywhere
  • Toggle blocks at headers
  • Use Keyboard shortcuts ALT-H (home), ALT-U (go up), ALT-N (New task) and ALT-P (Projects)



12 years ago -

Fatal error: Declaration of sql_class::__construct() must be compatible with that of sql_interface::__construct() in /www/htdocs/v029517/nod/db/db_mysql_class.php on line 37

madlyr:Reply to error - Yes we know.

12 years ago

Demo site is not updated to latest, head version.
Demo stop working after change PHP to 5.2 on hosted by provider server.
Newest subversion revisions have support for PHP 5.2.
Please wait until Tom pixtur will have time to update demo site.

pixtur:back online...

12 years ago

The demo site is back online with an intermediate version of v0.08.


11 years ago -

I have attempted to access the demo site, and I always get "Maintenance Mode, come back in a few minutes" Is it broken? I hope all is well.

guest:maintenance mode for me as well...

11 years ago -

still getting the same maintenance mode on demo site

guest:Those are some long minutes....

11 years ago -

Still down. :(

guest:yeah, very long minutes

11 years ago -


11 years ago -

very very long minutes.

guest:I am worried!...

11 years ago -

What about a reply by any of the developers!? Any realistic estimates when the demo will be back online? Two months, half a year...? ;-)
What's happened?

jd:Reply to I am worried!...

11 years ago

You a looking at the functional version of streber. So you can get acquainted with it right here :)
About the delaying answers from the pixtur (the owner of the project), I can suppose that he is on the vacation. Everybody needs to have a rest, even the developers :))


11 years ago

Erm. Well, I overviewed this one. Actually I am in holidays now(!) and can review some of the comments and requests. Sorry.
The demo-site is now online again. I have to upgrade the version, though.

guest:da fd

11 years ago -



11 years ago -



10 years ago -



10 years ago -



10 years ago

The online demo seems to work, but we should update the version :)


10 years ago -


luchyx:I vote for

10 years ago it's hard to implement?


10 years ago

luchyx, I've finally seen you're mail!


8 years ago - visible as suggested -

thank you

guest:When is the demo back?

8 years ago -

When is the demo back?