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Dec 14, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 21, 2008 / guest

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Originally Streber started in March 2005 as a prototype of a major upgrade of netoffice. Pixtur stumbled over this project and enthusiastically joined the community a year ago. It seemed a good tool for organizing my own projects and work. Over the time he discovered, that the long project of netoffice history resulted in a confusing, hard to extend code-basis. And although the general graphical user interface was really intuitive some points (like rights-management, cascaded tasks and client-site) were really confusing. So he worked on an interface design concept for a major upgrade, including mock-ups, a user-survey and usability tests. During the implementation of a prototype he made a lot of really drastic changes in the netoffice concept. Together with the missing support from the project founders this gave him enough reason to split and start a new project which he called Streber.

"Streber" is German for a too enthusiastic and overly motivated person. Nobody would like to go out for a date with a streber, but letting him do your home-work is quiet o.k. ;-)

Current stateπ

For now - End of 2006 - the code size has reached far more than 1mb of well documented, object oriented and tested php5 code. We are already using Streber to organize most of our own project activity and client relation ship. It’s been translated into several languages.


Depending on the feedback about the beta version and the support we get from other developers we will continue the project with this roadmap.


guest:To assist the streber

11 years ago -

To assist the streber, Please provide an implementation manual to navigate through the software.

Thank you.

dekamerone:To go along with the 1st comment ...

10 years ago

Sometimes it would be interesting to know some details about the thinking behind ... e.g. we just look for a way to export a list of tasks and it's states as ics-calendar files related to the responsible people ...
Mates, it's really hard to understand your database model :-(

But nevertheless user features are great like hell :-) - just give your community a chance to pace with you ;-)

Thanks for all and Happy projects : Michael