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Dec 14, 2006 / pixtur
May 10, 2010 / chfr

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What Streber is good atπ

It's freeπ

  • Streber is a free open source project and will be updated by a community of interested developers of whom most use the tool for their own work.
  • It is been released under GPL without any cost to those who use the software.

It's easyπ

  • You don't need any programming-background to install, set-up and use Streber. Its graphical interface is easy and self explanatory. You can however - adjust it to you own needs.
  • It is available in many languages:
    • German
    • French
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Slovak
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Hungarian

New standardsπ

  • We focus on decent web technology (Firefox, MS Internet Explorer 6, Konqueror, Safari, Opera), mature object oriented programming with php5 and W3C standards like CSS2 and DOM-html.
  • Use interface-features you might not expect from a web-interface: Right mouse-button brings up context-menus. Navigation can be done with keyboard.

It makes visible what you want to showπ

  • Streber´s user-rights system is based on visibility and project roles. For example:
    • Clients might only see published items and can only "suggest" or "request" new items which are seen and edited by project-managers.
    • Normal team-members only see relevant and private items.
  • Roles are assigned for each project.
  • User-rights can be fine-tuned for each team-member.
  • At "home" each user sees a list of recent relevant changes: new tasks, members, comments.
  • Users and Clients only see People who are related to them. If you have several projects on one server, team members will only see projects and people they are related to. read more


  • Streber provides many ways to organize your information
    • Tasks can have project-specific labels and categories.
    • Tasks can be grouped hierarchically.
    • Tasks can have required tasks.
    • Tasks can be extended by issue-reports and linked to project-versions.
    • Tasks can be grouped to mile-stones and groups.
  • Booking time-efforts is possible with a maximum of three clicks.
  • People and Companies can be tagged with categories (clients, freelancers, etc)

Other featuresπ

  • Version controlled upload of files
  • Advanced Formatting with Wiki Syntax
  • Complete change history of anything
  • Notification mails on changes
  • bug-tracking, version and release manangement for software projects

Missing Features:π

  • reports (planned)
  • Calendar (planned)
  • Gantt charts
  • Costs of resources, tasks, persons for project

What Streber is not:π

  • It's not LotusNotes. We are targeting to small open minded teams with 1 to 40 users. If you are IBM you will probably have to write your own solution.
  • It's not Trac: Streber not entirely focused on handling programming projects. It still has no API, cvs or Subversion plug ins. If you only need to manage one software project without controlling efforts and companies we can recommend http://trac.edgewall.org/
  • It's not mediaWiki nor joomla: Streber is not performance driven. It will be fast enough for most projects and intranet sites, but it does not feature caching of rendered pages or other performance optimizations.
  • It's not AlienBrain: Uploading of files is — like with most browser applications — cumbersome. If you have thousands of files and need performance, use AlienBrain.



11 years ago -

Streber meets our needs perfectly. The only thing missing is a calndar. When do you plan on releasing a version that features a calendar? Will the calendar be user-based or project-based or both?
I appreciate your tool very much. Thank you for making it open-source!

guest:Caleder II

11 years ago -

I agree totally: A calender would be awesome.
But I do not talk about Gantt charts.
I worked with nearly all PM-Software out there so I can judge that very well: DO NOT GO FOR GANTT.
Each PM-Tool out there became extremly un-usable when they started using Gannt. The dependencies are hard to create, so many cases... so many new fields when connecting tasks to each other.
But a simple calender view would be enough (especially for me). If somebody needs Gantt then I would recommend a totally different tool and would suggest NOT to use streber.

For me, personally, a gantt chart would only make sense in about 5% of my tasks. So I can live without it very well.


rayz:"What Streber is good at" in russian

10 years ago

This topic is aviable in russian

guest:Best about streber

8 years ago -

What I find best about streber is that its free and the thing that its being updated by people who use it frequently is best in a way that they would be best knowing about the prons and cons of the application and also about the additional required features which obviously will be clear with the usage of application


8 years ago -

The dependencies are hard to create, so many cases... so many new fields when connecting tasks to each other.
But a simple calender view would be enough (especially for me). If somebody needs Gantt then I would recommend a totally different tool and would suggest NOT to use streber.


7 years ago -

Frank Yes I agree you can probably earcte presentations with impact, if you use the right Gantt chart or Timeline diagram.I would add that it's important to separate high level information from detail and provide diagrams that represent the “big picture”.A huge presentation no-no is to use diagrams with words that are way too small, and leave the audience squinting to read what the words say.I'd advise following the 10-20-30 rule of presentations (see Guy Kawasaki's blog post on the )