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Parts a streber-page consists of π

this is a very rough draft, probably out of date.

See other topic: Labeling of UI Elements

Header π

==== Breadcrumbs & Navigation ====
  • as html looks like this:
<div id='nav_sub' class=bg_projects>
        <span class=breadcrumbs>
            <a class=up href='...' title='Go to parent / alt-U' accesskey=u>^</a>
            <a class='projects' href="...">Active Projects</a>
            <em> > </em>
            <a class='project' href="...">Resigning</a>
            <em> > </em>
        <span class=options>
            <a class=current href="...">Tasks</a>
            <a href="...">History</a>
            <a class='active' href="...">Milestones</a>
  • only one link can be active, but this might be in the parent span, if it's an overview page e.g. for a project.
^ Active Projects > __bla.com__ > Tasks | Milestones | Efforts

==== Navigation ====
  • With v0.048 breadcrumbs and page-options are combined into the navigation element. The navigation consist of series of links:
o The up link
          o Breadcrumbs (showing the way up)
          o Options (showing the way down)
  • one of this elements is active. Which, is automatically detected by Page::renderBreadcrumbs().
  • Navigation-Links are Objects with following attributes:
name shown
  tooltip optional
  target_id page-id of the target page (used to generate id)
  target_params assoc. array of the page-parameters
  url alternative to target_id
  id used for customizing the interface (optional. Normally generated from target_id)
  show_separated the separating em-tag get add. class

Normally the navigation is defined like this:

       $page->navigation= array(
           new NavBreadcrumb(array('target_id'=>'personView', 'name'=>__('Overview'), 'target_params'=>array('person'=>$id ))),
           new NavOption(array('target_id'=>'personViewEfforts', 'name'=>__('Efforts'), 'target_params'=>array('person'=>$id ))),
           new NaviOptionWiki()
  • the up-link will be added automatically to a last (non-current) breadcrumb

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