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guest:I want to add some more section

10 years ago -

Hi there streber is the most suitable project manager for web designer i have worked with i am a web developer , and trying to build a project manager , i need few extra things like deposit status , reminder in drop down menu , i tried a lot to add them but couldnt

if anyone knows how can i add new fields on streber please let me know

Advance thanks

guest:Need to rename some titles/links

10 years ago -

In the menu navigation, I'd like to change some of the link titles to better suit my purpose/usage - keeping the functionality the same, for example:

"Files" to "Proofs"
"Changes" to "Summary"

etc... What file(s) control the titles for the navigation?

Also, how can I "hide" or remove some tabs I don't need like "Versions".


jtanen:Reply to Need to rename some titles/links

10 years ago

For hiding tabs that you don't need, like Versions, just edit the project and uncheck the things that you don't want to show under the Display tab.