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This is a draft

An introduction to the code π

What is necessary to create a form page π

  1. add a new add two pageHandles to "testForm" and "testFormSubmit"
  2. add an appropriate function to the required source-file in pages/
  3. add a basic framework of a page function "testForm"
  4. probable add some authentication checks
  5. add a formBlock with the field-definitions
  6. define a second submit page function "testFormSubmit" the get the requestData, modifies objects and either jumps back to the from-page, renders it's own page or jumps to another page like "home"

Some other hints π

  • in the submit function your could call printFormVars() to get a overview of the passed fields
  • the input-names should start with a meaningfull identifier like "test_"
  • prefer new Field_XXX instead of hard coded html-code (this will make your code open for upcomming additional security and consistency-checks)

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