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Oct 24, 2006 / pixtur
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In environments like this page, it is useful to make information available to users without an account. The earlier solution was to provide a guest account with a public password. But this method has a lot of pitfalls, especially if several "guests" are active at the same time.

As with v0.08 we introduce two new configuration options: ANONYMOUS_USER and REGISTER_NEW_USERS.

One User to serve them allπ

With ANONYMOUS_USER you define the id of a person which is been used if no other person is logged in. Additionally a Login-link is displayed in the upper right corner.

This method makes it possible to define very precisely, what an anonymous user may do. You can adjust his Person profile, assign him to some projects and adjust those Project roles as well.

To do so you should...
  • Create a guest login or use an existing account.
  • Disable all user rights Person Profile , esp. "Edit own profile"
  • Name the anonymous user like guest or anonymous.
  • Only assign this user to projects you want to publish.
  • Get the id of this person from the URL in the browser
  • add following line to your
confChange('ANONYMOUS_USER', 123); #replace 123 with the person's id

You should never use this feature in a commercial background. It is meant for public environments like Open Source or educational projects. An open Guest account provides much higher risk of intrusion than a closed system with good passwords.

Registering for new users (upcoming)π

To use the forum features already provided by Streber for discussion and feedback, we also need a way to register new users on the fly.

This feature will probably work like this:
  • New users can chose nickname and fill out person profile fields
  • A temporary user with this nickname is been created and listed on a special page where Admins or Project Managers have to activate those accounts
Potential features:
  • Prior to being accepted as a new user, he can already add new Items, Upload files, Add comments etc, but at public level Suggested.
  • If the user is been accepted, the public level of all his "Items" will be raised to "open"
  • If the user is been rejected, all his Items will be removed.

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xl:is "Registering for new users" working already?

11 years ago

pixtur:should be...

11 years ago

It is working on this side...


10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

I need my streber system, working like this one, with a general open project accesible for reading, without any login(with the option of register/login available if nedeed, just like this system is setup)

But I guess I don't understand some concepts and config-variables... I define a guest user (id 6) and a general project (id 2) and I try something like this in the file... (and almost all permutations you can imagine with these three lines :))

confChange(ANONYMOUS_USER', 6)

Obviously, is not working... can anyone help me? Thanks.


10 years ago

Actually your steps sound reasonable. (although there is a quote-symbol missing in front of ANONYMOUS_USER.
  1. What is happening precisely?
  2. Have you checked you errors.log.php?