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Oct 13, 2006 / pixtur
Apr 16, 2010 / papoz

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This folder collects feedback on streber which has been sent by mail.


guest:new version of slovak translation

12 years ago -

hello pixtur! I've created new up-to-date translation of streber in Slovak language. I would like to sent you this new version, but I dont know where and how...
if you want it, write me where could I upload/sent my language file.

and -please- excuse my poor level of english.

yea - I almost forget - my e-mail is

pixtur:Antwort auf new version of slovak translation

12 years ago

Hi igorko,

the best way to sent new translation is be uploading them at For this you have to register:

Thanks for the new translation.

guest:Database exception

11 years ago (3. update 11 years ago) -

mysql_error = Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)

this has been resolved, thanks.