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Zoho Projects/#2372

Oct 11, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Good thingsπ

  • Sorting project order with dragging
  • Inplace editing for Tasks and Comments (Pen Icon pops up and stays beside the item for some seconds, then vanishes)
  • Hide/Show advanced options
  • Not assigned tasks are labeld "For all users"
  • After creating a sub tasks (for a task list), the browser scrolls to the created task and an "add more" dialog is provided at the end of this task list
  • After creating even another task, the "New Task" has the keyboard focus in "Name"-field
  • Each task list can quickly be reordered with Ajax (very nice)
  • Defining meeting participants
  • "Remind all" participants "on time"

Weird / Unusualπ

  • Checkboxes only beside tasks and used for completion of task


  • the interface looks somehow scattered
  • some details are not very precise (like "Show advanced options" is placed beside "Task Owner" but have nothing to do with owner ship
  • Sometimes not stable (the ajax tools are sometimes not responding and not saving the entered data)
  • Long loading times (might be their demo server)

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