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File upload with upload progress bar based on Flash 8/#2180



Sep 26, 2006 / madlyr
Oct 15, 2006 / madlyr

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Change web browser upload form with Flash 8 or above file upload with progress bar of current file upload.
  1. Add flash directory to repository. Inside this direcotre there will be all flash sources and compiled swf's.
  2. Flash detection and swf embed on the page based on the swfObject: http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/ detection script should be placed in flash directory
  3. If there is no Flash 8 or newer plugin installed then we show normal web/browser form.
  4. When Flash 8 or newer is detected, then we show Flash upload with buttons: browse file and upload. There is no edit box, it's not necessary, we could show chosen file name in regular text box instead.
  5. When upload button is clicked, then we start to show upload progress bar. 6. After finishing upload we redirect to edit file properties page (as in current web upload).


  • Is this already implemented somewhere?
  • Are there any limitations like filesize etc.
  • Are mime types etc. correctly transferred?
  • Would there be multiple file upload possible with Flash?

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