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How can I make work e-mail notifications in Slovak?π

pixtur: The notification mails uses the language of the receiver. If you want to compose all notifications in slovak, you have to change the profiles of all potential reciepents.

Erik: is it possible to change Streber's project tasks labels? [2006-08-02]π

Before answering this, I will give some background information on labels:
  • Labels are defined for each project as comma separated string.
  • Labels are assigned to tasks as a position in this list
This means:
  • You can easily overwrite the labels for new projects
  • changing this for existing projects is tricky. You could change the database field with MySQLAdmin, but the rough order should remain.
Detailed information can be found here: Task labels


"Where do I find the php.ini?"π

You can find this information in the output of phpInfo();. If you already have a running streber installation and administrator rights, you can click at "system info" in the footer line and then at "phpInfo" at the following page.

Otherwise you have to create a new file like info.php:

from info.php


Now upload it to your server all, request it with a webbrowser.

"A fatal error occured: Database exception"π

Generally speaking there are two reasons for this:
  • the database has been screwed up (quiet common)
  • an invalid SQL-query has been sent (occurs seldom in stable versions)
Please read the detailed page on "Database exception" - help

"Internal Server Error"π

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

This error is printed by Apache. A reason for this might be:
  1. You are running Apache v1.3 and using the default .htaccess-file for clean urls.
    • Solution: remove the .htacces file or upgrade your server to Apache v2.0

I cannot delete a user that i createdπ

I created the user newperson, assigned him to a project (and then removed him). When i try to delete him, this is what i have:
Warning: newperson has been assigned to projects and can not be deleted. But you can deativate his right to login.

Note: Moved 0 persons to trash

Trouble installing v0.08x under cPanel on a linux serverπ

This seems to be caused by eAccelerator. read more


guest:how to delete a user

11 years ago -

marcel.feliks:Email notifications in Slovak are not working.

11 years ago

I have set up in the installed sterber all profiles to ENGLISH and the notificationas are working. Then I swithed the languages in one or more profiles into slovak and the email notification did not work.

What shall be changed in order to make email notifications working?

carte:wrong solution for "Internal Server Error"

10 years ago

if you had deleted the .htaccess file, you are afterwards not able to log in, because of the missing mod_rewrite option. Or?!