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Jun 12, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 18, 2009 / pixtur

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Development Communicationπ

Kyle: What is the standard means of communicating for the
project? I wasn't sure if leaving a comment on a task was considered
the best method for communicating or if everything is just done by

Pixtur: I think we should use this order:
  1. Discussing code, tasks or development should be done in here at Although it's not as convinent as email it has the advantage of a accessible knowledge base that can be searched and linked and turned into new code.
  2. Discussing general features and development should be done here in the form of new "Topics". We can turn them into Tasks or Documentation later.
  3. Using personal mail only for quick questions, login-information etc. that are of not use to the rest of the community.

krisp: How ideas are agreed and passed in Streber dev team? All through theπ

pixtur: Generally this place is just fine. As suggested in welcome to just create new Topics, Tasks or Comments.

Subversion and code managementπ

krisp: How changes/coding solutions are agreed in Streber dev team? Is it post factum through SVN?π

pixtur: Please do not commit changes until you are really sure what you are doing. This is especially important for adding new features. Every feature change should be suggested here and discussed, before doing actually committing something.

Following changes can be done without discussing:
  • Fixing typos or translation issues
  • Obvious bugs (like wrong assignments etc.)
  • Code not following the coding conventions (formatting, variable labeling, etc.)
  • Refactor code blocks for performance or clarity without changing the function

What about branches?π

by krisp: If we could have our own branches some work could be merged down to trunk easier by you. Also ideas could be presented easier.

pixtur: I am not really an expert with SVN. Also I would lack the time to keep control over the branches. But if we find a person willing to keep track of this, it would be a great benefit indeed.


krisp: Who decide what and how is implemented?π

pixtur: Well. Good question. Currently it might be me. But since I am not the best programmer on earth, I would be glad to have someone to rely on things like implementation details. I would suggest this procedure:
  1. Features should be discussed. Discussing them and doing interface mock-up before implementation will make them better.
  2. Core developers (like you and burger) have a veto to prevent features / changes from making it to the source code.
  3. Until we have more stable development team, I will have the last word. :) (But I am friendly...)

krisp: What exams should I pass to be able to write in repository :)) π

pixtur: Your previous comments were quiet good. So I guess you already passed the exams with a A+ . I suggest to be careful though. burger had an excellent way of outlining his planned changes and asking for review after submitting them. I normally suggest some changes which she fixed in the next revision.

But nothing is set into stone.


krisp:What about branches?

11 years ago

If we could have our own branches some work could be merged down to trunk easier by you. Also ideas could be presented easier.

pixtur:Antwort auf What about branches?

11 years ago

Please write questions right into the wiki text. See above for answer.