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Sep 1, 2005 / pixtur
Jun 25, 2009 / nilambari

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nilambari:Project Efforts export to CSV

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

Projects > [project_name] > Efforts

I have added one record for [project_name] with duration 4 hours
In front-end list i can see duration of 4 hrs
When i click on Export as CSV, file "projViewEfforts.csv" gets generated
In this file, column as_duration is blank and on next line i get the text: <input type="hidden" name="prj" value="8012">

When i add more than one efforts, then exported csv file contains as_duration = 1 and again last record has the same problem.... as_duration blank and on next line: <input type="hidden" name="prj" value="8012">

I can not see exact effort duration here. Is it possible to implement this addon while csv export? i.e. One additional column for exact effort duration.