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Code Browser wie Trac/#1008

Apr 27, 2006 / frank
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Habe dieses geniale Feature auf der Trac Seite gefunden, sowas wäre gerade hinsichtlich Projektmanagement sehr wichtig

Weitere Infos:

The code browser lets you navigate a source code repository directly. You can browse revisions and access specific revisions of files, view changeset logs and download files.

Currently, Trac supports the subversion revision control system, and we’re planning on support for CVS and Arch in later versions.


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12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago) - visible as suggested -

guest:also integrate into ticket and wiki

12 years ago -

not only is the repository (and changeset) browsing very nice (pinched from the Perl Project SVN::WEB), but it is also nicely integrated into the ticketing system and wiki: You can link directly to a Subversion changeset related to the ticket/bug/task using a very simple Wiki syntax.

An easy solution would be to allow creating custom Wiki-Links to easily link to an existing web-frontend for your version control, e.g. "changeset:23" or "r23" automagically links to that revision in your repository viewer.

pixtur:Reply to also integrate into ticket and wiki

12 years ago

I would really be interestend in learning more on this topic. We are using svn for several other projects, and this would indeed be a tremendous feature for streber. Until now I only figured out, how to directly access the repository with a local svn installation and system-calls. Accessing revisions directely at svn's http front would be incredible.

guest:Reply to Reply to also integrate into ticket and wiki

11 years ago -

I really would love if Streber would implement a SVN repo control so that I could have Streber users also be able to browse and commit to my SVN repository. I think it'd be a good addition to the existing file system in Streber, adding a tool that would allow for a kind of repository of all final project files, with the existing Streber file system used for things that don't actually belong in the finished product.

This would fill a massive void, because Streber can go where Trac cannot because Trac is Python powered, and Streber can go anywhere PHP can. Streber could simply administer the SVN repo by using simple SVN commands from a SVN admin account using the aforementioned PHP/SVN tools.

If this functionality became available to Streber, I think you could make Streber appeal to two audiences, namely the audience you already serve, and the software development audience searching for the Holy Grail, a development backend (like Trac) that's easy and cheap to deploy and offers the features of much more complex systems (Trac).

Good job, but if you added that single feature I think you could gain a large number of users! Keep up the good work!

Sorry if this isn't in the right place, I searched for a feature requests list but couldn't find one.