StreberPM: streber Latest Project News Thu, 19 Apr 2018 23:10:25 GMT FeedCreator 1.7.2-ppt ( other links (deleted by pixtur) 11 - pixtur Fri, 11 Aug 2017 19:18:16 GMT changeList (edit wiki by cvivanco) 8 #289 ver esto<br> cvivanco Fri, 26 Jul 2013 21:29:59 GMT Can't connect to database after clean install (commented by Marc Ferguson) in <a href="2673">install / upgr...</a> / RE: Can&#039;t connect to database after clean install: I&#039;m running into the same issue. I upgraded from v0.0912 to v0.093. After a successful install it creates the db_setting file with the proper credentials, but when I try to view the site it says it cannot connect to the database. I have some PHP knowledge; is there a way to get the credentials to be written to the screen? In my case the site is under a password protected directory so the risk is minimal. Can I simply do? echo $g_config[&#039;DB_PASSWORD&#039;]; Marc Ferguson Tue, 06 Nov 2012 12:22:36 GMT Reanimate! (commented by Ain Tohvri) in <a href="793">User Documenta...</a><em> &gt; </em><a href="2020">News / Updates</a> / Definite contributions: I&#039;m also glad to see the update, streber has been the place for my projects for 5+ years, from the very beginning I guess. I&#039;ll also definitely contribute, I&#039;ve done a few fixes for my own installation and I&#039;m certainly committed to give anything that I do on my installation back to the community. With the [[|GitHub repo]] it&#039;s also much simpler now. Ain Tohvri Sat, 02 Jun 2012 07:50:10 GMT We moved to github (commented by Ain Tohvri) in <a href="793">User Documenta...</a><em> &gt; </em><a href="2020">News / Updates</a> / Good news!: Thanks for picking the project up again and moving to GitHub, well done! Ain Tohvri Sat, 02 Jun 2012 07:41:12 GMT v0.093 - fix advanced issues (approved by pixtur) 4 Download from:<br><br><br>improved security:<br>- more aggressive cleaning for query strings (switched to white list)<br>- Fixed show traceback only for admins (<br><br>minor:<br>- fixed javascript freezes when search for special characters<br>- fixed computation of password strength<br>- renamed persons->people<br>- fixed installation sql setup (file had invalid version)<br>- fixed rendering on people list header<br>- fixed unit-tests<br>- Disable modifications by anonymous users (I.e. guests)<br>- Fixed error in grouped list style<br>- disable comments for anonymous users<br>- fixed issue with items_delete_many and selected tasks/topics<br>- fixed type syntax installation SQL-dump<br> pixtur Sat, 12 May 2012 18:39:05 GMT "Database exception" - help (deleted by pixtur) 11 pixtur Mon, 23 Apr 2012 08:44:10 GMT Email From Address (moved by pixtur) 6 On any Email that is sent from my Streber installation, the from address is Apache. How do I change that to a real address? pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:29:25 GMT File Uploads (moved by pixtur) 6 Is there a wat to add files that exceed the PHP limitations of the server? I have some large files I need to make available to clients. <br> <br>Thanks pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:27:15 GMT Overall productivity and speed (moved by pixtur) 6 Streber looks very promising in terms of logic/structure/potential. <br>Though I have some concerns about speed of working and reliability. <br> <br>Please tell me that this more than 30000ms for rendering list of tasks is just because of a poor server? <br> <br>1. Or please advice how it could be speeded up? Is that a server or internet issue or that is impossible because of PHP restrictions (comparing to Ruby)? <br> <br>2. Reliability. Is it stable as a stone or there are some weak points exist? pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:27:02 GMT Future of Streber? (moved by pixtur) 6 Development looks very stall to me. At least the UI could use some work, it feels little intuitive in comparison what is out today (AJAX driven stuff like ClockingIT e.g.). <br> <br>Maybe if Pixtur likes RoR more nowadays one should start a new RoR-based project? pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:24:26 GMT Some thoughts on accounting (moved by pixtur) 6 Some thoughts on accounting <br>============== <br>- Sooner or later we want to hide money things from employees. <br>- Turning booked efforts into invoice items should be done by project managers only. But this process must not be too complecated for feelancers. <br>- We could add a new user-right called "accounting" or something alike. This would include creating and editing invoices, seeing and hourly rates and stuff like this. <br>- to keep things simple, we should keep the computation at the javascript level an always provide a valid state of data in the effort items. (we could solve computational tasks with accessor- functions but I highly doubt we'll get these under control). <br>So there would be several phases: <br> <br>1. Assign rate and unit to person (e.g. 40€/hour or 250$/day) <br>2. Possibly overwriting the rate for a project <br>3. Person books efforts and expenses without needing to know something about money. For each effort we calculate the amount. <br>4. P.M. reviews the booked efforts <br>5. P.M. books the efforts into an invoice. <br> <br>Potentential pitfalls <br>================= <br>changing type in form <br>------------------ <br>- team member changes effort type from work-hours into expense. This would reveal the amount stored in the effort object. <br>Solution: the type should only be changable when creating a new effort. Changing the type later is useless in most cases anyway, except maybe for hiding too much personal information about your work-hours and changing from "Workhours (start-end times)" to "Workhours (duration)". But this should be a job of the pm, anyways. <br> <br>Changing rates later <br>-------------------- <br>If all effort-objects are valid in their own, they are not allowed to have dependencies on other objects like "PersonProject". So when changing the rate of a team member who has booked lots of efforts, these items won't be updated. This results in two tasks: <br>1. Make the hourly rate and visible when assembling an invoice. <br>2. Make it easy to change the rate of several efforts later on. This is especially difficult, because we can't be sure if the amount should be updated automatically or if it has initially been overwritten.\n this somehow sounds like, if we solve some magic with javascript when editing one effort, we have to implement the same trick when editting multiple items. <br> <br>Implementation details <br>===================== <br>To keep up compatibility and code readability we might completely reimplement the whole effort class and replace it with something like "expense". Although this would be a lot of work, it would have several pros: <br>1. The code stays readable. Nobody understood effort anyway and there is no way, that we code refactor effort into expense because all the dependencies (e.g. Edit history). <br>2. We could implement a working beta to get the UI right. Later we could add some kind of upgrade function to convert effort into expense. <br> <br>Expense <br>-------- <br>Common attributes: <br>- expense_type - workhours, workduration, expenditure, product, discount <br>- amount <br>- amount_billable <br>- task <br>- person <br>- invoice <br>- name <br>- description <br>- status <br>- identifier (?) - reciet number, booking number, item-number, etc. <br> <br>Additional attributes: <br>- rate <br>- value (?) - hours, item-count, <br>- start_time <br>- end_time <br> <br>I really wonder about compatibilty though. Testing all the. Upgrade functionality might take a huge amount if time. <br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:24:12 GMT Thoughts on change history and reverting changes (moved by pixtur) 6 There should be two ways of reverting changes: <br> <br>1. invisible to revert damage <br>------------- <br>- available only for pm <br>- should completely restore changes <br>- revert modified_by, modified_date etc. <br>- revert-changes are not logged <br>- reverted changes are removed from change-log. This makes the function extremely dangerous! <br> <br>2. Visible for collaboration <br>-------------------- <br>- After reverting to a version changelist should say something like: "reverted to version 2 by admin" <br>- this reversion created a new version <br>- item dates and modified_by are updated <br>- this revert can be reverted again <br>- deleted and deleted_by are restored, if necessary <br> - mental note: is this necessary? Sounds like the changelist should only mark deleted items as deleted <br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:24:02 GMT Discussion on improving notifications (moved by pixtur) 6 Problem / Requests <br>================== <br>There seem to be a very high demand on fine-tuning the Notification features of Streber. Problems are: <br> <br>1. Notifications are not sent quickly enough and thus slow down the project collaboration speed. <br>2. Too many notification are sent, because they are not specific enough. <br>3. Notification mails lack detail or crucial information. <br> <br> <br>Discussion <br>========== <br> <br>pixtur's opinion <br>------------------- <br>I deeply believe the immediate notification mails are overestimated, because: <br>1. They steal time: Getting interrupted by emails is a time-killer. Every boss demand on instant email feedback of there employess must have lost all his senses. I would demand downloading and answering emails once in the morning, evening and if there really is time. <br>2. Nobody reads them anyways: To believe that just because the boss has nothing to do but bragging about his ability to immediately reply on emails, everybody else does read them, is naive. The number of mails should be reduced and limited to the taste of the reader. <br>3. There are much more efficient ways to get informed like RSS. <br> <br><add your opinion here> <br> <br> <br>Suggestions <br>=========== <br> <br>Clarify bookmark feature <br>------------------------ <br>To reduce the number of emails, the bookmark-notification feature could be used: If you define a bookmark for a task, you can request to be notified immediately on changes to this item. Problems: <br>1. This feature seems to be too hidden. Maybe the labeling is a problem as well. Renaming it to something like "Observe item" could help. <br>2. It might be useful to create notification-bookmarks for other people. <br> <br>Clarify and improve Request feedback-feature<br>--------------------------------------------<br>One of the coolest new features is "Request feedback". In the comment area of each task or topic you can request feedback of any team member. He will be bugged about this request until he adds a comment or edits the wiki-text of the object. We could improve this feature by:<br>1. Highlighting "request"-items even clearer<br>2. [[#7467|Add an additional feedback-requests lists to peoples home and notification mails]].<br>3. Immediately sending a email when feedback is requested.<br><br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:23:51 GMT General Discussion (new Folder by pixtur) pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:23:34 GMT discussing team member rights (moved by pixtur) 6 Project Rights <br>======= <br>Currently the rights of team members are only defined by two things: <br> <br>1. Their project profile which is been resolved into rights regarding items of different pub_levels: <br> - read <br> - write <br> - delete <br> - create items with pub-level <br> - reduce pub_level <br>2. Some global user settings: <br> - RIGHT_VIEW_ALL (admin view, see items and team members even if not assigned to project) <br> - RIGHT_EDIT_PROJECTS (edit team, change rights, etc) <br> <br>This does not cover all possible situations: <br> <br>1. We sometimes need to finetune the rights to access items: <br> - Anonymous guests should not be able to edit items of other guests. <br>2. We might reduce certain rights like: <br> - Viewing efforts of other team members. <br> - Uploading Files. <br> - Seeing other team members <br>3. We might provide or give special rights like: <br> - Approve / Close / Confirm / Delete items <br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:19:41 GMT checklist for new releases (moved by pixtur) 6 Checklist for turning the source-code into a new release <br>============================================ <br> <br>Check for changes <br>------------------ <br>- commit all changes to repository and bring ".history.txt" up to date <br>- add the svn revision to conf <br> <br>cleanup source-code:<br>---------------------<br>- search in all files for "%%" (debugoutput markers)<br>- run the [[#7276|unit-tests]] "/tests/testsuite_pages.php"<br>- make sure "conf/" defines the new version<br><br>export the current database-setup:<br>-------------------------------------<br>- in mysqladmin go to `Export`<br>- select all tables<br>- uncheck "Add AUTO_INCREMENT value"<br>- uncheck "Data"<br>- export as Plaintext to "install/create_structure_v#.##.sql"<br>- make sure all db-updates are listed in "install/"<br><br>update languages<br>------------------<br>[code]<br>cd lang<br>perl<br>[/code]<br>- add new translations to `lang/`<br>- test all languages (especially watch out for header already send warnings)<br><br>clean file structure <br>------------------ <br>- remove all `cvs`-files and `.svn`-directories <br>- remove directories <br> - `_docs/` <br> - `tests/` <br>- empty directories `_files`, `_tmp` and `_settings` <br>- clear root-directory from all files but... <br> `index.php`, ``, `.history.txt`, `favicon.ico` <br> <br>- comment all lines in `` <br> <br>Do test installations! <br>------------------ <br>- test for successful installation on localhost with xampp, mysql5 (both mysql and mysqli) <br>- test for successful remote installation <br>- test for successful upgrade from last version <br>- test for successful upgrade from last stable version <br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 12:12:39 GMT Automatic testing (attached file to by pixtur) 9 Automatic testing in Streber <br>============================ <br>We use simpletest's web_tester module for testing. This emulates a browser and simulates real clickflows and checks the results. You can login, change a users password, logout and test if the new password is working. So this is more integration testing than unit testing. This is nice for: <br> <br>1. Tests are very easy to write. <br>2. Since pixtur added sql fixtures you can test complex setup involving several users and projects. <br>3. You can easily valid html structure, user data escaping and much more. <br> <br>It fails on: <br>1. Javascript <br>2. Internal structures <br> <br>Running the tests <br>================= <br>The tests are executed when requesting `http://localhost/streber/tests/testsuite_pages.php`. There are about 600 tests which take about 30 seconds on pixtur's notebook. Right now the tests uses database snapshots as sql-dumps as fixtures. These dumps are located at `tests/fixtures/*.sql`. The testing sql tables get the prefix `test_` so your userdata will not be resetted all the time. Initialization is done with the new class "TestEnvironment" <br> <br>Creating new fixtures<br>---------------------<br>Creating a new fixture is done with `install/db_backup.php`. It writes a dump of all existing tables, so you have to remove the `test_*`-tables before calling this.<br><br>Updating fixtures database<br>---------------------<br>The fixtures need to be updated every time, the database scheme (e.I. the database version) changes. If you don't do this, you will get errors like this:<br><br>[[image:8300|maxsize=320]]<br>Implementation details <br>====================== <br> <br>Test and development database <br>----------------------------- <br>To distinguish between the two databases, we overwrite the `USER_AGENT` before running the web_tester: <br>[code from="tests/test_item_visibility.php"] <br> $this->addHeader('USER_AGENT: streber_unit_tester'); # will result in HTTP_USER_AGENT <br>[/code] <br> <br>In `index.php` we check for this user_agent and add the prefix `test_` to `DB_TABLE_PREFIX`. Before each test_case the test-database is completely recreated. After running all tests, the tables with `tests_*` will be dropped from the database by executing a long sql-statement: <br> <br>[code from="tests/testsuite_pages"]TestEnvironment::prepare('fixtures/remove_tables.sql'); <br>[/code] <br> <br>Todo <br>===== <br>Although the current setting already provides a lot of features, it's still pretty hackish. Following this should be adjusted: <br> <br>1. Streber should detect the web_tester user_agent and automatically use the `test_`-tables. <br>2. ~~TestEnvironment should provide a method the clean up test tables.~~ <br>3. Setup [[#7291|basic project environment as fixture for testing]]. <br> <br>Things that urgently need to be tested <br>====================================== <br>1. Form submitting esp for complex things like Tasks and People. <br>2. Correct escaping of all user data. <br>3. Item visibility in project environments. <br> <br>______________ <br>also see: <br>- #7291 <br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 11:25:10 GMT Trevion (deleted by pixtur) 11 I'm one of the posters over on the housing bubble blog. I do feel some angst. Not because I feel I am missing out on gains- I know for sure the housing bubble is going to bust and mess everything up.I feel angst because I am surrounded by idiots who keep telling me how great their housing gains are when we all know that what they see is paper profits. I went through the same thing during the dot com bubble ! All the idiots tell me at parties about how I was missing out on 200% increases on IPO day and how all the "new economy" stocks were surely worth 100x earnings, even though they didn't have any !I've tried reasoning with a few of these people. I got into a heated argument with a couple my wife and were friends with. It turns out they didn't even understand simple interest. They thought that the balance on a 20 year mortgage was 50% after 10 years ! Yikes !<br><br><a href="">car insurance</a> <a href="">auto insurance</a> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 09:46:57 GMT Bono (deleted by pixtur) 11 mujhe shortcut tarike se shutdown accha lagha.ab mai aapki is website par aata rahungah.pramodpal singh meghwal1(desuri-Dist.pali rajasthan)/<br><br> pixtur Sun, 22 Apr 2012 09:46:53 GMT