- mySQL 4.0.1 or higher
- php5 or higher- php5 or higher
- read more about [[ why php5]] is required)
- mySQL 4.0.1 or higher
- the user you
have used to access the MySQL database have set host to localhost, not only to % (read more at
- read more about [[item:3386|why php5]] is required)
- 16mb script memory size (Some providers still have only 8mb, so make sure. )
- a Webserver like Apache 1.3 or 2.0- a Webserver like Apache 1.3 or 2.0
- from version .048 you can use mysql or mysqli extension to connect to all Mysql versions (require extension correctly running on your server)
- see [[recommented web providers for installing streber]]


Streber features as very easy automatic in place installation:

1. Download the latest version from http://www.streber
2. unpack the archive into a new directory called streber
3. upload the content of this directory to ''''''
4. change the write-permission to '''_tmp''', '''_files''' and '''_settings'''
5. with your favorit browser got to

Streber will then check the environment for php and mysql-version. If anything is valid, you can enter the settings for database-access
(see image) and press the install-button.

After installation...


- you *really* must remove the installation directory called install
- continue with some first steps


streber supports a fully automatic upgrade

1. Logout of streber
2. make a backup of your database to be sure
3. download the latest stable version
4. copy (overwriting) all directories but
"_tmp", "_settings" and "_files" to your server (overwriting the _files directory could delete your uploaded files!)
5. copy the file in the root dir:
- index.php
- favicon.ico
6. Do not overwrite if you made changes
7. with your favorit browser got to

Streber will notice the version change and provide you a link to the installation/upgrade functions. It will automatically use your old settings. Your press "install/upgrade".
- GD extension should be installed
- mod_rewrite extension is required for #2647
- Additionally we tested Streber with following options
-Suhosin Patch 0.9. 5Copyright (c) 2006 Hardened-PHP Project
-Zend optimizer
- Server API: "CGI/FastCGI"or "Apache"
After upgrading, be sure to delete the install directory . ==Installation==
===Standard Installation===
Standard Installation[code]svn co streber[/code]
2. Change
to the streber directory[code]cd streber/[/code]
3. enable write-permission to `_tmp`, `_files`, `_rss` and `_settings` [code]chmod a+rw _tmp/ _files/ _rss/ _settings/[/code]
.Following steps 5 – 9
If you enconter problems, you may... If you encounter problems, you may...
- View #3668
- Create a new "Topic" to get feedback as described in #4256
- *Please do not add comments to this topic!*
- visit our forum (
Also see
- [[item:5798|Upgrading]]