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Arg, link spam

Jun 8, 2010 / pixtur
Jun 9, 2010 / guest

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This page attracted quite some spam. But at least it motived me to invest some hours into writing some code to revert the changes.

Let's see if I can push this into a new release and fix the comment/update form again.


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8 years ago - visible as suggested -

hello Pixture,

glad that your back.
I know that there are millions of pending tasks, but I really think that this comment/update thing would be really, relly nice if you culd fix that one.
That takes a lot of time right now to click on "edit" first.

again, thank you for developing streber where it is today. I use it every day. Of course it could see some improvements, but I also understand if people has other things to do (like me...).

Best regards,


8 years ago

I know. It's also a very urgent task for me...