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New release candidate for v0.092

Dec 12, 2009 / pixtur
May 10, 2010 / eiadn

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I spent some time sorting out the tasks for milestone v0.092 and built a new release candidate. This fixes a lot of layout issues and should be almost stable. Please refer to for details.
Please test this version and report any issues.


guest:Completed - ##%

9 years ago -

Is it just me, or is the chooice Completed #% gone?

It's a quite nice feature, so if it's not removed for a reason I, for one, would like to se it back in (but I'm not the only one using the program, and sertanly not the one doing the hard work of programming it, so all I can do is asking kindly, please).


9 years ago

Could you be more precise? Where exactly do you miss this Choice? Screen shot, please?


9 years ago

In version 0.0902 you were able to update the progress of a task via the comment form (the only way I could find), like this:
streber 0.0902 Completed ##

But in version 0.0912 this is gone:
streber 0.0912 Completed ##


9 years ago

I also miss this feature in 0.0912. Is this ment to be?


9 years ago - visible as suggested -

Hey Pixtur,
glad that you are back...

One thing: For some weeks now the email newsletter about recent changes is not working anymore.
I receive it, but it is HTML chaos, it seems that something is missing and my email prog is not rendering it anymore.


9 years ago

Another thing, sorry if I'm bothering you, are the nested comments gone for good or may they come back in later versions? (it was quite useful)


9 years ago

the comment is useful with the status change form. and viceversa.

Help in the approval process of a task.
Say, as a developer I complete a task, then change the status to "done?" in the same form, I request feedback from "JhonDoe - Tester".
Then He can "approve" the task and log a message at the same time.
We use this approach always.


9 years ago - visible as suggested -

Does anyone else experience strange email news about recent changes from streber-pm.org?


8 years ago

I also miss the update-tab at the comment section.