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v0.0912 - RC2


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Public / Dec 12, 2009
Dec 12, 2009 / pixtur
Dec 12, 2009 / pixtur

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  • fixed link to milestone tasks
  • fixed milestone task count
  • fixed 2008 bug
  • fixed double upload form in topics

Minor changes:π

  • updated custom project view
  • fixed minor text issues
  • fixed image-attributes inside tables
  • fixed url for mod_rewrite
  • fixed effort-date-time problems
  • fixed line-breaks for notification mails
  • fixed layout of attached files
  • added missing _image_cache directory to repository
  • added generation of crawler list
  • added some details to RSS-Feed
  • fixed closed tasks for milestone are not displayed correctly
  • added current milestone block to project overview
  • added graph to milestone view
  • fixed CSS definition for lots of list elements

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