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New version coming up. Feedback appreciated

Dec 3, 2009 / pixtur
Aug 30, 2010 / baeron

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As you might have noticed, I updated the design of the streber-pm.org to the new interface. I was testing this on a couple of my own installations, and it seems to work pretty well.

However, before releasing a stable version I wanted to wait for your feedback for the Release candidate! Please install and test the release candidate. If you want to contribute to the translatations, feel free to translate the changes in /lang/*.inc.php.changes .

I am collecting the visual glitches of the design here




9 years ago - visible as suggested -

This is great news! I was afraid the project was dead, but you proved me wrong.

Hope it continues to be a great project, and that it soon will gain some momentum.

And thanks pixtur for giving away this great tool, for free, to the community. You are a hero!


9 years ago

em... thanks...