Totally needed features (by me)


Nov 20, 2009
Nov 20, 2009 / guest
Dec 12, 2009 / pixtur

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hi, been using STRABER for some time - great soft, thanks guys for it :)

i will publish here all features that i think are totally needed in STREBER and could make it even better
  1. graphic calendar - huge google style calendar where in simple way all task/mile stones are presented, could be filtered by options like projects/tasks/mstones and such ...
it can be really simple one just for showing elements
  1. printing button - projects, topics and tasks lists need a printing button with possible of formatting, printing feature for whole project would be fantastic - in one pdf file all informations formatted automatically, files can be mention as list with url to them or STREBER could generate project ZIP pack with pdfs and project files
all for now, all the best !



9 years ago


I can't promise a calendar. Although I also want this feature, with the current pace of development, this will take a couple of years to come.

Can can already print all pages. No print-button needed: there are print-styles that should render the pages just fine.