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It has been a long time...

Jun 22, 2009 / pixtur
May 10, 2010 / eiadn

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After some months of busy work, I finally invested some time into Streber. If things will go well, a new beta might come within the next few days. The new very is already running on my private server for testing. It will concentrate on:
  • New simplified user interface
  • More precise update-markers in wiki texts
  • More inline-editing of textfields
  • Caching of downscale images
  • Updating of languages (especially Chinese)


madlyr:Great news!

9 years ago

Thomas, great news. I like new interface very much, it's clean and better.

If you implement new interface, we should test and clean Streber for use on smartphones like iPhone, Google G1 or PDAs. I could test on Google G1.


9 years ago - visible as suggested -

I do not know why, but for quite a while Streber (this website) has appeared as a blank page for me on IE. (Not in Firefox).

Just FYI
 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13

guest:New version

9 years ago -

how long will take when you release new version?


9 years ago



9 years ago



9 years ago

in english please :)


9 years ago -

i have done lots of development for the iPhone, i could provide a interface, natural flowing to the iPhone.

guest:Why does chinese work here and not when i install last SVN trunk ?

9 years ago -

I only get '???' When i record a chinese task on my Streber installation

This is sad, as we are just searching a tool like Streber, to interact with a chinese project. We would need it now, and we like the Streber interface


9 years ago

We need new version! 8-D

guest:how we looking, please could we get a update even if your busy, please let us know

9 years ago -


9 years ago

Let's donate? ;-)


9 years ago -

no problem for me to make some donation.
Please set this up then!


9 years ago -

Someone knows a good replacement for Streber?
I like Streber but the product must live also.

guest:hello i would like to propose something please email me anton8 at gmail.com

9 years ago -

Can we open streber and have more then one moderator, or a project manager which sets goals, its seems the project is dead and no one is moderating or adding or doing anything.

It would be great to get the project on track again, and use the current code. Also would be great to make milestones or a road map so people are not left in the dark.

Don't get me wrong i love streber, but lets open it up so we can have people developing for it... if your interested please email me anton@gmail.com.

Btw i can provide hosting, and file storage and whatever we need. Also i want to add a iphone version. Please anyone from the team email me or get in contact with me.

guest:add to post before

8 years ago -

my email is anton8 at gmail com, not as written above.


8 years ago

Streber RIP :(


8 years ago -

hope not! Maybe pixtur can give as an update for this project?

guest:Pixur, quo vadis?

8 years ago -

Streber PM has been one of the most promising and innovative web-based project management tools I've seen. And I've seen many. It's sad to see it quasi-abandoned like this.

"Opening" it up as proposed by one of the previous commenters, could effectively mean forking the code. But that would be a risky path for the one reason that Streber reflects some tremendous design decisions taken by Pixtur in the past. Who would be able to lead the development in a similar way and with a similar vision?

Instead of discussing forks now, we should try to get Pixtur more motivated again. First step, to get some kind of update on why the development has stalled and what we could do to help with the development. Whatever plans he has for Streber's future, I'm sure that the community could be of help in one way or another.

Streber PM is a gem with so much potential and it should not waste away.

guest:Something YOU (and I) might do

8 years ago -

Why not help streber out by heading over to Sourceforge and add your review of the application there. In this way more people might get to know about this great tool, and eventually some more developers might join the efforts of making streber the very best collaboration tool available (free or non free).


8 years ago -

That makes sense and was easily done. But what next?

array:Streber is extremely cool for geeks

8 years ago

Our software-development company is using Streber now for managing our projects.
Unfortunately there is no support for this project.
We begin to think we should create our own project-management tool with Streber-like features.
I think Streber should be ported to MVC ASP.NET :-)


8 years ago

my god!
streberpm has a set of features, one of the most important is the reduced lag for the user.

for me, the master-lines are:
  • speed and low latency
  • ajax for editing sections in wiki
  • each item has a application-wide unique-id
  • a short reference (sharp+9999) becomes a link
the improvements can be:
  • auto TOC
  • backlinks
  • optional advanced search
    • in-Project, cross-Project
    • booleans
  • to erase attachments
  • plugin system for gantts, reports, dashboards, etc...


8 years ago -

Wow, a port to ASP.NET sounds like a real threat :-) That should usually trigger a new round of development in PHP.


8 years ago -

Hi Pixtur, can you pls. provide us some statement regarding this project? Do you need more time, more resources, or some additional help from our side to be able prepare new build?

guest:Wir sind alle Streber!

8 years ago -

Dear Pixtur,
many Streber-dedicates are waiting for a sign from you. I am sure there are various ways to support and participate in your project. If there is anything or nothing we, the readers of this post, can do, please let us know in a statement.


8 years ago -

Streber is a great tool, and with the new features and the new interface it will be even better. Hopefully it won't take long before it's ready, but rather a stable reliable release than a rushed one.

As for the next few days, I have all the understanding in the world for this taking longer than expected as you have to continue your personal life as well.

Ron Severdia, of the Joomla! project said it the best:

Many developers (and not just developers) often fall victim to the notion that a task will be short, only to discover that it's more complex under the surface than initially thought. Minutes quickly turn into days or even weeks. It's human nature.

from Ron Severdia

guest:php 5.3 or heigher

8 years ago - visible as suggested -

The system isn't compartible to the php Version 5.3 or heigher

pixtur:Sorry (again)

8 years ago (2. update 8 years ago)


Sorry for playing dead for the last couple of months. I am totally aware how this looks like because I had the same experience with a lot of other open source projects myself.

Read and complain in this news.