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Apr 8, 2006
Apr 8, 2006 / frank
Aug 5, 2009 / rafael.dalpra

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#765 by frank, 193k
I think this is a important Feature, everyone (Projectleaders etc.) want see the current status of a Project/Bug/Task.

(kann es WIRKLICH schlecht in Englisch beschreiben)

Es fehlt derzeit in Streber eine Seite (und nicht nur eine Seite) mit den Aktuellen Status Reports von Task/Bugs/Projekten. ich will als Projektleader wissen wie weit der Task bearbeitet worden ist, ich will wissen wie weit mein Projekt Fortgeschritten ist etc.


Eine Aktueller Status Seite mit Prozentangaben zu den einzelnen Projekten/Task
/Bugs die z.b. mit einer Prozentangabe wiederspiegeln wie weit der Task (etc.) bearbeitet worden ist.

Dabei muss man aber einiges beachten, einerseits muss man dann eine Funktion einbauen die z.b. sagt "ich brauche eventuell mehr Zeit", "ich brauche weniger Zeit"....

Für das este würde aber eine Prozentangabe zum jeweiligen aufgezählten (task/bug/project reichen)



13 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

This are actually multiple features in one...

The task-completion field does already exists (it's called completed) Curently it is not very nice and should be done into a dropdown-list with percentage-fields. This number could easily be added to task-lists, but I am always fighting for as less columns as possible. So we need a good way of customizing the displays of list. You(!) are a power-user and need those numbers. 80% of the other other users don't and claim streber to be too complicated.

One idea would be to: reports is a topic of it's own that has to be discussed in detail.

guest:Managers view specs?

11 years ago -

Can we define specs for the managers view?
My manager wants to see the following information on one a4:

option1|option2 means more option available

#Per row one project in N months overview (with now() in the middle or 2/3) with each column representing a week|day and a project status indicator before the project name green=finished, red=late, orange=in process etc..
#Planned start- and end-week|day of the whole project and the delay if it is not finished. (indicated in colours)
#we have fixed milestones most of the time (initiation/training/navigation/content/preview/live) it would be nice if this is shown somehow too if applicable.
#Normally you do not work every day on the same project so: the amount of days someone worked on it per week (indicated in a number) of the amount of hours someone worked on it per day. (depends on your selection above)