Support for timebased planning/tracking


Jan 27, 2009
Jan 27, 2009 / deleteme1337
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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Client problemsπ

Streber has too little support for time management.
  1. When planning start and end dates for tasks, there is no indication if the planning scheudles interfere with other tasks.
  1. When watching Your Tasks (index.php?go=homeTasks) or looking at a specific Milestone (index.php?go=taskView&tsk=n) (where *n* is a Milestone) there is no fast way to determine what task has to be do next; one has to click through all the tasks in and compare the starting dates manually.

Proposed solutionπ

  1. Add better calendar support. When planning a task one should be able to see if the planned scheudle collides with other tasks' scheudles.
  1. Add graphical overviews (maybe a horizontally streched calendar?) which show what people are going to do in the day/week/month and so on. There should be an indication of what time has been already been prebooked for a person with planned tasks and what time is free. Ideally this would work across projects (to protect a project from revealing info.

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