Fine tune labes on a project per project basis


Jan 19, 2009
Jan 19, 2009 / kjsphoto
Jan 21, 2009 / pixtur

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Would it be possible to be able to fine tune labels for each project? I noticed that the project table holds the labels for each project, it would be great if you could change these on a project per project basis.

For example project A could be geared towards research whereas project B could be geared towards software development.

Project A and B could share some of the Display labels but they would also have different ones as well and you would want to see the ones in the list they were not relevant to the project.



pixtur:labels at all?

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

The effort to edit the labels would be minor (just add another edit-field to the options-tabs of the "edit project"-form. But Labels is one of the the things I find more and more useless. I wonder, if a tagging method would be more efficient in the long term.

The problem is that they overlay with the Task-types "Task","Bug","Topic". That makes the interface confusing and implementation a pain in the ass.


10 years ago

I guess it depends on what you use them for.

I use the labels to look down the tree view quickly to see what it is about and to classify the data ( Research, Leads, etc.. )

Maybe a tagging system like in a blog where you can search on or click the tag and bring up all the topics / task that have the same tag.

I do like having them there do be able to classify the topic or task regardless of the task type.