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v0.09 released as stable

Jan 14, 2009 / pixtur
Feb 26, 2011 / guest

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We finally release v0.09 as stable version!


webbplatsen:Well done

10 years ago

I have updated my/our Streber and it's works good.

guest:Problem with new version

10 years ago -

After upgrade to latest version I have problem with inconsistent graphic elements like lines, corners, etc. Next issue is that in project is not possible list the tasks and files. :(

guest:RE: Problem with new version

10 years ago -

Sorry guys, some file during upload to FTP server was corrupted. After re-upload of corrupted file everything working perfect. Great job!

pixtur:ah, good news

10 years ago

I am very happy it works :)

deleteme1337:Keep up the good work

10 years ago

Keep it up pixtur & co.!

luchyx:this release include the new re-design?

10 years ago

this release include the ?

pixtur:just a mockup

10 years ago

@luchyx: no that was just a photoshop mockup. I still have to do some more research on how forms and tables are gonna look like.

This redesign will also have some implications on the html-layout...


10 years ago -

And updated on http://freshmeat.net/projects/streber/ , too.
Thanx for this,

guest:Bugfix: Logging efforts denied with error "Insufficient rights"

10 years ago -

Hello all!
First off, many thanks for this very useful piece of software!
I just upgraded by streber 0.0803 to 0.09, and found that users couldn't log efforts (even with 'Edit Anything' set).
The error said :
pages/effort.inc.php 751 : NOTICE: Undefined variable: auth
pages/effort.inc.php 751 : NOTICE: Trying to get property of non-object

On inspection in effort.inc.php I found that the function effortEditSubmit() needed a global var thus :

global $auth;

Hope this helps,
Arif Saleem

roli:Config variable missing

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

MESSAGE_WELCOME_HOME does not exist anymore (conf/conf.inc.php).


10 years ago

@guest/roli: thanks for posting. Will fix this tonight.

guest:Some Bugs ..

10 years ago -

Not perfect, but working. There is an error by trying to input some effort as a Project member. By crossing the lines 751-753 in the effort.inc.php it works well.

Error 20090115220446 NOTICE: pages/effort.inc.php : 751 Trying to get property of non-object
Error 20090115220446 std/class_pagehandler.inc.php : 738 -> effortEditSubmit()
Error 20090115220446 index.php : 220 -> PageHandler::show("effortEditSubmit")
Error 20090115220446
Error 20090115220446 Variables in show():
Error 20090115220446 PH = OBJECT
Error 20090115220446 id = NULL
Error 20090115220446 effort = OBJECT
Error 20090115220446 project = OBJECT
Error 20090115220446 v0.09, effortEditSubmit, from, uri:/streber/index.php

guest:One more thing ...

10 years ago -

Nice doing, but another bug: The Details at the right of the projectview shows the wrong year for the start of the project (i. e. 2. Jan. 2008, but has to be 2. Jan. 2009)


10 years ago

Thanks pixtur!
Upgraded to v0.09. It works! )

pixtur:wrong date

10 years ago

@guest: please always commit bugs instead of addind comment.

project overview shows wrong start date (wrong year)


10 years ago

@roli: the welcome-home message has been replaced with "welcome to ..." where ... is the APP_NAME. You can define the app-name by added something like...

from customize.inc.php

confChange('APP_NAME' , 'my intranet');

to your customize file.

pixtur:released new version...

10 years ago

I did a fast fix for the effort-issue problems and updated the languages. Download-links should be updated.

pixtur:release v0.902

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

I released a another version of some minor fixes.

see v0.0902

brasti:Made a news item for it

10 years ago

I hope you don't mind...


10 years ago

Cool, Thanks.