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v0.09 released as stable

Jan 14, 2009 / pixtur
Feb 26, 2011 / guest

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We finally release v0.09 as stable version!


webbplatsen:Well done

9 years ago

I have updated my/our Streber and it's works good.

guest:Problem with new version

9 years ago -

After upgrade to latest version I have problem with inconsistent graphic elements like lines, corners, etc. Next issue is that in project is not possible list the tasks and files. :(

guest:RE: Problem with new version

9 years ago -

Sorry guys, some file during upload to FTP server was corrupted. After re-upload of corrupted file everything working perfect. Great job!

pixtur:ah, good news

9 years ago

I am very happy it works :)

deleteme1337:Keep up the good work

9 years ago

Keep it up pixtur & co.!

luchyx:this release include the new re-design?

9 years ago

this release include the ?

pixtur:just a mockup

9 years ago

@luchyx: no that was just a photoshop mockup. I still have to do some more research on how forms and tables are gonna look like.

This redesign will also have some implications on the html-layout...


9 years ago -

And updated on http://freshmeat.net/projects/streber/ , too.
Thanx for this,

guest:Bugfix: Logging efforts denied with error "Insufficient rights"

9 years ago -

Hello all!
First off, many thanks for this very useful piece of software!
I just upgraded by streber 0.0803 to 0.09, and found that users couldn't log efforts (even with 'Edit Anything' set).
The error said :
pages/effort.inc.php 751 : NOTICE: Undefined variable: auth
pages/effort.inc.php 751 : NOTICE: Trying to get property of non-object

On inspection in effort.inc.php I found that the function effortEditSubmit() needed a global var thus :

global $auth;

Hope this helps,
Arif Saleem

roli:Config variable missing

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

MESSAGE_WELCOME_HOME does not exist anymore (conf/conf.inc.php).


9 years ago

@guest/roli: thanks for posting. Will fix this tonight.

guest:Some Bugs ..

9 years ago -

Not perfect, but working. There is an error by trying to input some effort as a Project member. By crossing the lines 751-753 in the effort.inc.php it works well.

Error 20090115220446 NOTICE: pages/effort.inc.php : 751 Trying to get property of non-object
Error 20090115220446 std/class_pagehandler.inc.php : 738 -> effortEditSubmit()
Error 20090115220446 index.php : 220 -> PageHandler::show("effortEditSubmit")
Error 20090115220446
Error 20090115220446 Variables in show():
Error 20090115220446 PH = OBJECT
Error 20090115220446 id = NULL
Error 20090115220446 effort = OBJECT
Error 20090115220446 project = OBJECT
Error 20090115220446 v0.09, effortEditSubmit, from, uri:/streber/index.php

guest:One more thing ...

9 years ago -

Nice doing, but another bug: The Details at the right of the projectview shows the wrong year for the start of the project (i. e. 2. Jan. 2008, but has to be 2. Jan. 2009)


9 years ago

Thanks pixtur!
Upgraded to v0.09. It works! )

pixtur:wrong date

9 years ago

@guest: please always commit bugs instead of addind comment.

project overview shows wrong start date (wrong year)


9 years ago

@roli: the welcome-home message has been replaced with "welcome to ..." where ... is the APP_NAME. You can define the app-name by added something like...

from customize.inc.php

confChange('APP_NAME' , 'my intranet');

to your customize file.

pixtur:released new version...

9 years ago

I did a fast fix for the effort-issue problems and updated the languages. Download-links should be updated.

pixtur:release v0.902

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

I released a another version of some minor fixes.

see v0.0902

brasti:Made a news item for it

9 years ago

I hope you don't mind...


9 years ago

Cool, Thanks.