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Jan 8, 2009 / pixtur
Jan 8, 2009 / webbplatsen

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After some headache about mysql-encoding, I implemented a new function to revert all changes of a person. I probably should dedicate this feature to our friend from Brazil, who apologized with this statement:

Peço perdão pelo meu ato, mas não tive intenção alguma. Apenas estava procurando um tutorial de como tranferir leads para clientes pois não tinha entendido direito.
Novamente peço-lhes milhares de desculpas, até porque sei da importância do projeto, o qual já utilizo-o há alguns meses, e nunca prejudicaria algo ou alguém que tem sido muito útil para mim.

Espero que aceite minhas humildes desculpas, pois estou extremamente envergonhado pela besteira que fiz.

Well, my but Portuguese sucks, but I guess it was not a mean attack but plain stupidity. Anyway: With the new revert-feature this problem will not occur in the future.

The final release of v0.09 is coming up. I invested a couple of days to add automatic integration tests and found a couple of other problems. Also all drastic problems have been resolved.

 best regards


webbplatsen:Google translator

10 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

My portuguese sucks too but Mr Google is a little bit better than us.

I ask forgiveness for my act, but had no intention whatsoever. Was just looking for a tutorial on how to transfer leads to customers because it had not understood right.
Again I ask you thousands of excuses, because I know the importance of the project, which already use it a few months ago, and never harm someone or something that has been very useful to me.

I hope you accept my humble apologies, I am extremely embarrassed by the crap I did.

from friend from Brazil