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Release Candidate 2 for v0.09 ready to download

Dec 15, 2008 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I created a new release candidate for the upcoming version v0.09. Although this version already fixes a lot of the problems reported for RC1, it still needs to be tested.

Please download and test: .


guest:Great great great!

10 years ago -

guest:Thanks for new build!

10 years ago -

Excelent job :)

webbplatsen:Language updates?

10 years ago

rayz:Russian language update coming soon

10 years ago

I'll finish updates in this week with current RC

guest:Emails Notifications

10 years ago -

We really like Streber and have used it in the past but we stopped using Streber and started using Factory Nova simply because of the email notifications. I cannot over emphasize how important this feature is, it should be at the top of the list for Streber. We are a small company that collaborates on software projects with 10 - 20 people from around the world. Email notifications keep everyone involved in the loop and up to date, it is VITAL to our project management and development. Other project management tools allow the user to select when and for what they should get notified for. The notifications themselves are more complete, for example they include who commented on what task, link to task, who owns the task, and the comment itself, this is extremely convenient and useful. I really hope/wish that Streber will address the email notification functionality and bring it up to speed.

On another note, the current notification is NOT WORKING properly. Even though preferences are set to ASAP, emails sporadically are receive most of the time they do not. Yes there is a proper CRON job setup and it is being called but the emails do not get sent out.

If this feature ever gets fix properly we will definitely return to Streber, I really hope it does as Streber is an awesome project. Please keep up the excellent work and best of luck with all!


10 years ago

Email notifications is working right.
I've got a cron job on linux that call index.php?sendNotifications every hour and it's working really good.

I remember that I've had issues with the email account on me ISP. They create a policy wich disable the account if no one checkout the inbox every 2 days!


10 years ago

I also believe the notification features is working just fine for my taste. But I would like a decent discussion of this feature at: .

webbplatsen:I Agree

10 years ago

Notifications works fine and for sure ...a system like this must have this feature.

pixtur:On vacation

10 years ago

I will be on honeymoon until start of January. It would be really cool to get some feedback, if installation and upgrading of RC2 works on different systems. Then I can release v0.09 start of next year.

  Happy xmas and a wonderful new years eve to all of you!


10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

My Best Wishes to you!!!

brasti:congrats with your marriage!!

10 years ago

All the best to you and your bride.

Happy xmas and newyear...

guest:Plz update freshmeat entry, too

10 years ago -

i use to subscribe to freshmeat to get to know about new releases for several software tools.
You have an old entry: http://freshmeat.net/projects/streber/ , could you update this regulary, too?
It seem to be update last over 1 year ago.

Andre Gellert