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Release Candidate 1 for v0.09 ready to download

Nov 16, 2008 / pixtur
Dec 15, 2008 / pixtur

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Please download and test the new version, . I will create a video capture about the major changes soon.

What you can do to speed up the release of v0.09π

  1. Install the release candidate on your system and provide feedback (either positive or negative). Report all problems like described in .
  2. Bring the translations up-to-date. I created versions of the changes in /lang. Please add the new keys to the translation files as described in .
Thanks for your patience.


luchyx:Great news!! Thanks

10 years ago


10 years ago -

In the past, streber didn't have instant notifications, that was a big part of the downfall for many agencies, design studios, and even technical development houses.

Just wondering if this has been fixed with instant notifications of tasks, replies, milestones, etc.

pixtur:Yes, this is possible...

10 years ago

You can now set the notification-level to "As soon as possible" and use a cron-job to trigger notification at a very high frequency (e.g. 5minute or less). This would lead to the requested behavior.

luchyx:Gantt & graphics indicator votting!!!

10 years ago

Please vote here if you want this features available on streber.


guest:Cron job

10 years ago -

Hi pixtur,

I was just curious - what would be the cron job command?



10 years ago -


What I mean was, what command would we use to trigger the notification every 5 minutes? We have server access, just not the cron-job script.


guest:Cron Job - Notifications

10 years ago -

Ignore my last 2 messages. For those who don't know either, I ran a search and found this helpful page:


Thanks again for your hard work pixtur & team.


10 years ago -

Hello out there.
I just upgraded from 0.0803 to the 0.08093.
The problem I have now is that I have troubles with .htaccess file.
My server runs by default on PHP4 so with the previous releases I added somthing like:
Action php /cgi-php5/php
AddHandler php5 .php

I'm not very good in understanding the htaccess but I had to remove all the other stuff from the provided htaccess that ships with the zip to get the PHP5 running.

But now:

The first page loads nice, but when I click on submit, then it says that The requested URL /project3/submit was not found on this server.

What can I do?

Thanks for everybody helping,



10 years ago

I'm waiting for v0.09 release


10 years ago

I've installed
Everything is ok.
But during upgrade proccess it overwrote my
/_settings/site_settings.php file (it has write permissions).
So all my custom configuration was deleted :).

It also failed to wrote in /_settings/db_settings.php (it has no write-permissions).
So where is
in this file.
Is it normal?


10 years ago

And I have no ideas how to work with efforts.
Can you write some tutorial about it? Or may be we should open special topic about "efforts"?

pixtur:site settings

10 years ago

Hi array,

please do not use site_settings.php for customization. These files are created automatically and are intented to be overwritten. Always use customize.inc.php. This is also the last config-file to be imported, so you can overwrite any settings there.

You should grant write-permission to db_settings.php.

Writing some documentation to efforts would be really cool. Damn lack of time...


10 years ago - visible as suggested -

guest:Emails Notifications

10 years ago -

We really like Streber and have used it in the past but we stopped using Streber and started using Factory Nova simply because of the email notifications. I cannot over emphasize how important this feature is, it should be at the top of the list for Streber. We are a small company that collaborates on software projects with 10 - 20 people from around the world. Email notifications keep everyone involved in the loop and up to date, it is VITAL to our project management and development. Other project management tools allow the user to select when and for what they should get notified for. The notifications themselves are more complete, for example they include who commented on what task, link to task, who owns the task, and the comment itself, this is extremely convenient and useful. I really hope/wish that Streber will address the email notification functionality and bring it up to speed.

On another note, the current notification is NOT WORKING properly. Even though preferences are set to ASAP, emails sporadically are receive most of the time they do not. Yes there is a proper CRON job setup and it is being called but the emails do not get sent out.

If this feature ever gets fix properly we will definitely return to Streber, I really hope it does as Streber is an awesome project. Please keep up the excellent work and best of luck with all!


10 years ago -

Why is it that we do not have the option to turn off Topics when creating a project? It would be great if that was optional.


10 years ago

Never thought about this as an important feature. I somehow took granted, that the least complex installation would be a simple wiki/message board one. What would you like to turn on? Tasks?