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Public / Nov 16, 2008
Nov 16, 2008 / pixtur
Jan 14, 2009 / pixtur

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This release was devoted to fixing and security. It is a first release candidate for v0.09. Please try and report any issues!

Major changesπ

  • First version of feedback request working
  • Fixed changing password and profile from notification mails
  • Fixed: jumping to item after login with mod_rewrite
  • Fixed stripping of backslashes (make obvious by reoccuring change markers). This involved some changes in the backend which need to be tested on different platforms. has to be tested!
  • Added random token to forms to prevent from cross site request forgery
  • Added wiki syntax for rendering latex formulas
  • Refactored some forgotten password link in notification mails
  • Changed default wiki syntax for links from [ [item:34] ] to [ [] ]
  • Fixed potential problem with cached ajax request
  • Option to treat folder as documentation
  • Highlight updates in wiki changes

Minor changesπ

  • Fixed translation of dates and times in German
  • added user setting to ignore filtering of own changes in recent changes lists.
  • Fixed bug (New install failing on "add db_version entry").
  • Rewrote ListBlockCol_DaysLeft class and enabled it by default.
  • Added "blocked" and "my blocked" filters to task list in home.
  • Modified project list's page actions to have provide option to create new project from scratch or from a template.
  • added LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files which were missing for some reason.
  • Fixed two spelling errors and updated translation files:
. "plattform" -> "platform"
. "upcomming" -> "upcoming"
  • Fixed bug where if you had permission to see everything you'd still not be able to view companies that had projects which you were assigned to. Furtermore, if a company has projects you are assigned to but more than one then it would give a bug error - changed it to report insufficient permissions instead until we properly implement it.
  • SQL errors on install will print out the line number the error occurs to help debug.
  • Updated install/install.php to not produce unsightly error when no write permissions to tmp files directory and a few other trivial improvements to pre-req checking.
  • If reinstalling, instead of doing nothing lets rewrite the database settings. Otherwise, if you delete them config files (db one specifically) then you have to regenerate it yourself or drop the database.
  • fixed render wiki bug when link with pipe above table.
  • fixed several minor typos.
  • checked for missing iconf-function when exporting csv.
  • Set default company category to client when creating a new company.
  • MINOR: adjusted wiki css styles
  • MINOR: adjusted rendering of wiki links
  • Fixed: Invalid WikiLinkCreate parent after inline edit

Internal changesπ

  • internal: fixed login with random tokens
  • internal: hide own change markers.
  • internal: use ready() function instead of onLoad() this
  • refactored versions config variables (now there is only STREBER_VERSION)
  • fixed minor bug with bookmarks
  • fixed minor bugs in the install / upgrade form
  • MINOR: slightly adjusted notification mails

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