Apr 7, 2006
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Apr 7, 2006 / frank
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I love the Statistic of Mantis Bugtracker....


Is a Summary for Admins or Projectleaders planned?


frank:Summary Export

13 years ago (2. update 13 years ago)

Nice Feature:

Export Summary to Word or Excel, ans Printig Options for Projectleaders and Admins.

pixtur:very cool, indeed...

13 years ago

Although statistics are not essential, they would be really cool...

Mantis has following statistics:
  • By Status (with count for "Open", "Resolved", "Closed", "Total")
  • By Severity
  • By Date (days)
  • By Category (like "bugtracker", "change log", "csv", etc.) This would be similar to streber's parent tasks
  • By Resolution
  • By Priority
  • about the team...
    • Reporter Stats
    • Reporter Effectiveness
    • Time Stats For Resolved Issues (days)
      • longest open issue
    • Developer Stats
    • Reporter By Resolution
    • Developer By Resolution

Sourceforge has
  • average issue livetime (which if find very very cool)
Maybe we should discuss about which statistics are really useful.


12 years ago

talking about statistics I would like to see this in a much wider context. I also very much like the idea of streber doing some calculations like !

But let's do one step after the other. Statistics on projects/tasks are easy to implement, but if it goes to stats on costs, projected cost, budget control, ... this is very tricky. But when talking about , I would suggest to implement a huge list of statistics on this, too.

In addition to toms list I got for this task:
  • By company
  • By project

pixtur:More precise please...

12 years ago

Hi Thomas,

could you elaborate a little bit further on statstics about companies and projects? What do you have in mind? Like how much revenue a company brings in over the time? Or which one brings the most benefit?


binder:Antwort auf More precise please...

12 years ago

Hi Tom,

this one is a big big issue, and perhaps more far, far away as we would think! ;)
But if I have some free time (also far, far away, as it seems), I'll make some brainstorming and post it here.
In the long run, this is a important part of a management-software for us to do some statistics and calculations.

I see this as a planning device for planning projects and for reviewing projects after they're done.

pixtur:Ahh. so its about looking back to see forward

12 years ago

I heard about a manager at IBM that hat for every task of a software project a shitload of statistics on comparable tasks of earlier projects. This was quiet impressive for me.

Doing query on streber database is already possibe and there probable is a lot of data to evaluate ;-)