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Public / Jan 14, 2009
Oct 29, 2008 / pixtur
Feb 23, 2009 / brasti

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After some months of the development we finally present a new stable version of streber. Additional to tons of security fixes and minor enhancements, these are the highlights since v0.0803:

Better securityπ

  • Several critical fixes
  • Added random token to edit forms to prevent from xxs and xsrf-attacks

Improved usabilityπ

  • Request feedback from other team members about a task or topic
  • Improved notification mails
  • Added basic styling for iphone
  • Improved wiki-syntax:
    • Add rendering or latex formulas
    • Improved linking
    • Highlight changes inside wiki texts


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madlyr:Great news!

10 years ago

Well done! Thomas I checked this version and it's definitely worth to upgrade.

madlyr:ZIP package doesn't contains updated polish lang files from rev. 459

10 years ago

ZIP package doesn't contains updated polish lang files from rev. 459. It's a very minor bug (only few tags are not translated, but if it is possible reload ZIP file with updated files from rev 459.

pixtur:hi madlyr...

10 years ago


I forgot to update... Will be added to next release.