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Trouble installing under cPanel on a linux server


Jul 24, 2008
Apr 15, 2012
Jul 24, 2008 / maniadmin
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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Hello there.

I just downloaded streber, and look forward to using this great application BUT I can't even get the darn thing working. I followed the directions on the installation page. All went well in the install process (using an existing DB, so I DID get a warning to that effect). Then I got to the login page, filled in my info, and hit submit. Home page loads fine. I click on an internal link (any link, would do the same, I now know) and I get an error "Fatal error: Cannot access protected property DB_Mysql::$user in /home/soungorg/public_html/pm/db/db.inc.php on line 71"

At first I found that "site_settings.php" and "db_settings.php" were not created on install. So I created them myself (using the proper syntax found in install.php) with the proper info. Still no site, but at least the fatal error message goes on and off, per each page refresh. Refresh when it's there, and I get a blank page. Refresh that, and I get the same error.

Next, I looked into the actual code referenced by the error message. Found out that if I initialize $user, $pass, $dbhost, and $dbnam as public variables (instead of protected) then I get the login screen again, and it submits fine. But as soon as I click on any internal link I get the log in screen again. As if there was no cookie recording my session. Well I checked into that too. And no cookie.

I don't feel like hacking this code any more tonight. I ONLY JUST downloaded for the first time a few hours ago. I really shouldn't need to work so hard to get this thing up. But I am... Cause I think it COULD be a great app...

Please let me know what to do next.

  1. cPanel Build 11.23.4-RELEASE 26138
  2. Operating System Linux
  3. Apache Version 1.3.39 (Unix)
  4. PHP Version 5.2.1
  5. MySQL Version 5.0.51a-community

Issue report

just a fresh install... following documented directions. I tried it twice


maniadmin:UPDATE - works running from my localhost

10 years ago

so I did everything the same, but ran the files and DB from my local machine. Works fine, so I know the problem has something to do with my remote host at http://cwihosting.com.

it's not anything to do with their DB setup, cause I tried running from my remote host with an external DB a separate remote host. Still same problem.

So, my guess, is that there's some issue with the way cwihosting OR cPanel have set up Apache, or PHP.

TAKE NOTE PLEASE. If this is an issue with cPanel, you will loose a lot of potential users. We all know that cPanel is pretty wide spread. I hope (for all of our sake) that this issue can get resolved before the next release. AT LEAST we could modify the "System Requirements" documentation, once we figure out what the problem really is.

I think i have access to another host that uses cPanel (at http://bluehost.com). If so, I will see if this app works there. That's my next step.

Wish it worked on my OWN website. But as it is, I'm happy to have it up and running on my local machine. Streber is a GREAT application. Really. I've done explored them all on http://opensourcecms.com, and this one meets ALL my requirements with style!!.

Keep up the goods work, and PLEASE keep us posted on the progress of this issue.

maniadmin:THE SOLUTION !!

10 years ago

A bug in eAccelorator, on my server, is causing the error. I can't upgrade eAccelorator (some PHP and Zend extension thingy), nor can MOST people on shared hosting. But what we CAN do is edit .htaccess file.

Here's the solution:

All fixed.

The link above goes to the FAQ section of typo light.
I think streber need a similar FAQ or Documentation page.

Maybe I'l make one...

pixtur:there already should be an FAQ page somewhere....

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

Thanks for sharing this information! We should add a chapter to the faq.