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replace starlight with GeSHI


May 16, 2008
May 16, 2008 / pixtur
May 26, 2009 / ifreeman

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We should replace the StarLight syntax highlighted with GeSHI because...
  • it seems much more flexible
  • supports more languages
  • is lean and mean
  • seems to be pretty fast
  • is GPL

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ifreeman:More reasons

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

You forgot to mention that:
  • GeSHI is undergoing active development with many interested parties.
  • Geshi is cross-browser capable.
In addition, the Dean Edwards site appears down. Perhaps starlight development has stopped. The "supports more languages" point is not to be understated. GeSHI currently supports 138 languages, while starlight only has 8.

I highly endorse this product and/or service.