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V0.0803 Released

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As promised, I'm proud to present of Streber. This release includes a number of improvements, bug fixes, and a few new features to boot!

One update in particular I think you'll enjoy is the improved install and upgrade experience.

NOTE: A regression has been reported in the installer. Attempting to install (or upgrade to) v0.0803 using table prefixes will fail. V0.081 will be released shortly and will include a fix. If you require (or already use) table prefixes, please do use v0.0803. More details can be found in

For the complete changelog and for more information on where you can download this new shiny release, visit

New help? Want to join the celebrations? Come join us in #streber on irc.freenode.net


cody-somerville:Redo roadmap?

10 years ago

Currently we have quite the roadmap leading us up to v2.0 (skipping v1.0) with lots of release with only minor increments to the version number. Personally, I'm of the opinion that the next release should be version 1.0 because Streber is stable, has more than the majority of functionality implemented, and is several years old (ie. Streber is rather mature). The rationale for doing this would be to provide us with an opportunity to promote ourselves. Furthermore, a lot of people see a project with a version number less than 1 to denote that it is unstable/not mature enough for regular use. More people using Streber, more developers, more contributors, and it all adds up to a better Streber! :)

What do other folks think? Should we redraw our roadmap?

I'd also like to propose some other changes (Such as ditching Sourceforge all together for example). Maybe we should call a meeting for interested parties? :)


Cody Somerville

pixtur:very nice!

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

I am really glad that cody takes over some of my responsibility here. As you all might have noticed I was pretty inactive the last couple of months. The reasons for this are too manifold to explain here (blaming me a lazy bastart is just fine).

I reviewed most changes and like the direction streber is taking. I still have some personal features on the list. But streber seems to be in good hands so far!
Very good job!

pixtur:Antwort auf Waht is the new feature: is_news

10 years ago

When you create or edit a Topic or Task you can now enable "show as project news" in the "Display"-Tab. This will add the Topic to the news list like it is done on this site.

Sometimes I like this feature for placing Topics prominently.

webbplatsen:Sort order?

10 years ago

Project description is displayed before "Topics" when you click on a project. Is it possible to show "Topics" first?
If you have couple of rows with project description you'll have to scroll down to see if any new topics. Yes, you can have description collapsed but that's not what I really want.

BTW, I have now implemented a cronjob running every x minute so notifications works more or less as it should be. This were a show stopper for us but it is now solved and we can continue using Streber. Thanks!

pixtur::: Sort order?

10 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! I don´t really know, what you mean with "Topics". Are you referring to projView?

webbplatsen:Reply to :: Sort order?

10 years ago

ProjView yes (http://www.streber-pm.org/5)

You got "News" like "V0.0803 Released", "V0.0803 Delayed" followed by "Recently changes".
I guess there is no description added for "Streber" project. If you add description this will be displayed before "News". This is my "sort order" issue.


10 years ago

Streber project description is added to the top right corner. It replaces the project details box. This can be achived with a custom layout.

webbplatsen:Any doc?

10 years ago

is there any doc etc available how to customize?
Hope for a yes and I will stop terrorize you.

pixtur:Antwort auf Any doc?

10 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

Don´t be affraid. You are not terrorizing :)
covers some aspects of this.

pixtur:update coming

10 years ago

Just wanted to drop a small notice: I spent some hours in the sun and used my macBook to finally merged my source code with Cody's excellent changes. For this is upgraded both versions of jquery and jeditable and fixed a lot of major and minor issues (esp. and invalid rendering of wiki tables after links containing pipes).

I also added a nice option to avoid filtering own modifications from recent changes lists. I will spent some time to finish the "request feedback" features and will ask Cody to create a new release.

I committed my changes to the svn-repository.


guest:version 0.803 have add user problem

10 years ago -

i try to add new user. it return error is "A fatal error occured Database exception. Please read next steps on database errors."

guest:I added Gantt support and other few enhancements

10 years ago -

Contact me at luchyx[at]gmail[dot]com.
BTW streber is Awesome!

bozhi521:in version 0.803, when I add a new person, a sql exception occurred!

10 years ago

environment: PHP 5.26 MYSQL 5.051a, apache 2.0

when I add a new person, a sql exception occurred,in errors.log.php,the error log is "Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'ldap' at row 1 ".

Help me,please!!!

pixtur:Antwort auf in version 0.803, when I add a new person, a sql exception occurred!

10 years ago

Please add a bug report to this problem. Damn! We should never add this feature.

guest:Srr, how are you puts something on main page.

10 years ago -

Ok, i'm so sorry, for 'offtopic' and my english.
I use this system, and i think it's fantastic. But on my project main page is empty. I want print to main page some notes for my command.
So, how can I do it?

pixtur:Antwort auf Srr, how are you puts something on main page.

10 years ago

You can add some text to the project description:
  1. Go the project page
  2. Click "edit project"
  3. Select "Descrption" tab
  4. Enter some wiki text.

guest:We added some enhancements

10 years ago -

webbplatsen:Reply to We added some enhancements

10 years ago

Interesting to see things happen.

Any comments from Pixtur & Co?

pixtur:Antwort auf Reply to We added some enhancements

10 years ago

I should start a new discussion for this:
discussing enhancements by riaevolution


10 years ago

in actual version, when in ajax edition when lose focus the editbox is closed. In 2007-05-15 version the edit was good for us.

pixtur:Antwort auf reversion?

10 years ago

I fixed the ajax-focus bug in the last revision.

luchyx:Reporting functionality added

10 years ago


10 years ago

damian2:question about homepage

10 years ago


In the project home, how i can put the description of the project in the right column?



10 years ago

Read more here:

damian2:streber home

10 years ago

what if you put the modified homepage of this site in a sample file? will be an aid.

pixtur:already present..

10 years ago

have a look at pages/custom_projView.inc.php