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May 3, 2008
May 3, 2008 / guest
Jun 2, 2008 / stenyak

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I have a task that is completed 100% and have the status "done?", I can't reopen.
I have tried changing the complete "value", the "status", the "Resolve reason" but nothing, it remain completes 100% and done?

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FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE-p15, Apache 2.0.55, mysql 5.0.19


pixtur:cannot reproduce

10 years ago

I cannot reproduce this behaviour here. So I need more information about:
  1. Precise user rights of task creator and current user
  2. Visibility of tasks and parent folders
  3. Your Browser version
  4. How did you edit the task?


10 years ago -

Hi pixture, these are the details that yo have asked:
  1. task creator right: admin
  2. task publish: toclient
  3. assigned to: client user
  4. last modify: clent user
  5. user that try to reopen: admin user
  6. no parent folder
  7. when i click "set to open" link, the task seams that change status, but the status remain "done?" and I can't change completed value.
  8. I just using Firefox 2 in windows XP