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V0.0803 Delayed

May 2, 2008 / cody-somerville
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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The next release of Streber, originally planned for May 1st, has been delayed to May 9th. Although the current svn snapshot is in good shape and probably could have been released, there are a few more bugs we'd like to fix before we do. This delay also gives us (and you) extra time to thoroughly test Streber to help make this a stable, sea worthy release.

To get involved, feel free to hop on the #streber IRC channel at irc.freenode.net and see if you can meet up with some of the other users/contributors. The channel is new so there might be no one there or just me, cody-somerville, but you're welcome to idle! :)


The Streber Team


webbplatsen:IRC vs Forum

10 years ago

Don't know what's the main reason with IRC in this case but if we need a place to discuss Streber I guess a forum is a better solution than IRC.


10 years ago -

I disagree. I think there is room for both. IRC allows for real time communication which is a valuable asset to a budding open source project. Coordinating and discussing development occurs best when takes place in the medium best suited for the specific situation - often times IRC is that medium while other times (such as making final decisions on an issue, bringing things to a wider audience, etc.) it is mailing lists/forums.

I wouldn't object to setting up a mailing list.


10 years ago

I agree partially with both of you. I think IRC is more suited for the core development team, fans and people seeking immediate help. It would be helpful to discuss certain matters in real time with people who are most familiar with the project (ie. those that idle on IRC), or even hold a session where anyone is invited to input their thoughts, but this can only stretch so far. It is good to know that you can get a hold of someone easily, should need be, but you need to be careful that you still discuss things openly to avoid, for lack of a better work, any appearance of cliquishness within the core development team.

Once you take any knowledge gained from these discussions/sessions and post them for public discussion, this is where the true openness comes into play. This also helps build the image that people are actively working behind the scenes, which makes the project seem more active than it might if you were watching only a forum or mailing list.

I personally don't believe a forum would really compliment the streber project, as, in some sense, streber is already a forum. One of the first things I noticed about this site was the fact that it was powered by Streber itself, and as a result, you don't need to combine multiple open source projects to get the download/documentation/discussion sections you need to create that community feel. Anyone can create a task, mark it as a suggestion, and get feedback in the comments.

I think a mailing list would work best for me, as I cannot sit on IRC at work where I use Streber most. Although in thinking that, if full instant email alerts were available for Streber comments, then this would be satisfy that need for me. With a small bit of genius, you could even convert email replies into Streber comments, by setting up a dedicated inbox and scraping the subjects for task numbers (#xxxx).

cody-somerville:Help test!

10 years ago

Be sure to help test the latest from the SVN to help make the next release as stable and bug free as possible!! :)

A number of us have been doing just that and coordinating on the #streber IRC Channel on irc.freenode.net - feel free to join us! :)
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