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Streber Development Update March 2008

Apr 16, 2008 / cody-somerville
May 1, 2008 / cody-somerville

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New Release Scheduled π

As I'm sure you know, there hasn't been much activity for the last 8-9 months. That is why I'm excited today to announce that the next release of Streber, v0.0803, is scheduled for May 1st, 08. This release will be a maintenance release and so we'll be focusing on bug fixes and general polish the ulterior motive of re-"jump starting" the Streber Project and its community.

IRC Channel π

Come get your grove on in our new support and development IRC channels! Ask questions, get support, discuss ideas, coordinate development, help out, and just hang out in #streber on irc.freenode.net

Need help with IRC? Not sure what it is? See http://www.irchelp.org/

Help Streber π

Ever wondered how to help contribute to Streber? Well, if you take a look at our task/bug list then you'll have noticed it is a little overgrown! We need clever people such as yourself to help triage.
  1. Close old bugs reports
  2. Try and reproduce/confirm bug reports.
  3. Ensure bug reports have enough details for a developer to deal with it (ie. steps to reproduce, version number, what they expected to happen, etc.).
  4. Ask reporters to provide more details/required details if needed.
  5. Ensure all fields are set correctly and appropriately (ie. minor bugs should not be marked as critical).
  6. Translate bug reports into English.
If you're real keen, hop on #streber and coordinate with others efforts to develop a bug triage guide!

So... Get your gloves on, get a can of raid out, and start debugging!


guest:great to see

10 years ago - visible as suggested -

Nifty project tool that is unique in its approach...so i am happy to see it is being worked on. I just wished it had the ability to link tasks...so that i can do critical path. That would allow me to do bigger projects.

guest:Not dead, Hooray!

10 years ago -

Glad to see the project is still alive and will continue to get developed. Streber is a great tool, we use it in our small company everyday.

deizel:Good news!

10 years ago

Glad to hear that streber development will be continuing.

I think it would be a good idea to move some open tasks to the milestone so we know what needs fixed for this release.

damian2:GOOD NEWS

10 years ago

I'm very happy to know that the project is still alive. we've using since a year ago and we are very pleasant with it.
There are a few lacks, but with little aid, Streber will be the PM for everyday use.

where is Thomas Mann?? My best whishes for him.


10 years ago

Hi, i'm the contributor of the branches/stkPatches and related directories in svn.

If you need any help on merging my bugfixes and new features to trunk, please don't hesitate and contact me via my sourceforge address.

Good to see streber moving again! :-)

webbplatsen:Welcome f*cking back!

10 years ago

great news for all of us!!!