Missing create_structure_v0.07992.sql, don't accept create tables on already created database and no utf8 on core tables


Oct 1, 2007
Oct 1, 2007 / psychopath_mind
Jun 2, 2008 / stenyak

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no matter on this problem
Just try to install this version...
1) This version don't found the file "create_structure_v0.07992.sql" on the installation.
2) Don't accept use one database(empty) that are already created.
3) all tables not in utf8.
work fine =D
1) add the file create_structure_v0.07992.sql. To work fine.
2) http://www.streber-pm.org/5850, add one checkbox to say that can use already created database.
3) http://www.streber-pm.org/3845


psychopath_mind:im very funny =D

11 years ago

Just a note... when i put this issue, i try to install the streber more then 10 times using on the combobox "MYSQLI" option. So those errors occurs and the installation stop and the streber don't work anymore like the screenshot attached here.

BUT when i use the extension "MYSQL", those errors occurs AGAIN, BUT NOW the streber are working fine =D
I know that my server use "mysqli" becouse i install drupal5 using mysqli extension.

Anyway... one additional information is that... my table "db" have 2 rows with the same data/content/information.

And when i read this link: http://www.streber-pm.org/5218
maybe i will have problem when i try to upgrade my current 0801 version to one more newer right? so 4) ? and the use of mysqli extension is 5) ? Some other person can confirm all thosse problems for me? if yes... maybe i can fix it... when i get one free time.

[]s 4ll