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Streber supports a fully automatic upgrade:π

  1. Logout of streber
  2. make a backup of your database to be sure
mysqldump -h localhost -u sql-user --password=sql-password --skip-lock-tables -C -Q -e --create-options streber_database > streber_database.sql
You have to change localhost, sql-user, sql-password and streber_database to the correct values for your Streber installation.
  1. download the latest stable version
  2. copy (overwriting) all directories except _tmp, _settings and _files to your server (overwriting the _files directory could delete your uploaded files!). Just keep in mind, that directories starting with "_" contain your stuff, whereas all other directories needs to be overwritten.
  3. Do not overwrite if you made changes
  4. copy the files in the root dir if they do not already exist:
    • index.php
    • favicon.ico
    • .htaccess - if your server is running with Apache 2.0
  5. with your favorite browser got to
Streber will notice the version change and provide you a link to the installation/upgrade functions. It will automatically use your old settings. Your press "install/upgrade".

After upgrading, be sure to delete the install directory.


guest:Upgrade issue

11 years ago -

If you have this database (0.07991) to (0.0801) issue with upgrade as I had:
>> checking version of existing database
>> could not get propper db-version table entry. Please view
>> Installation Guide on hints how to proceed.

this helped:
To fix this issue please leave only one row in {table prefix}_db table in your database and run upgrade process again.
I had same problem because I had two rows in this table. After I have deleted one upgraded process completed successfully.
see for reference

I still had to do this afterwards:
Go into file:std/ and remove from line 97 :echo "%% strip slashes"; - that is all. :: See for reference

Now all works fine :-)